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[[category:quests]][[category:San d'Oria Quests]]
[[category:quests]][[category:San d'Oria Quests]]
[[de:Der Wettstreit - Die Rivalität]]
[[de:Der Wettstreit - Die Rivalität]][[fr:La rivalité - La compétition]]
|startnpc=[[Joulet]] or [[Gallijaux]] - [[Port San d'Oria]] (H-8)
|startnpc=[[Joulet]] or [[Gallijaux]] - [[Port San d'Oria]] (H-8)

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Start NPC Joulet or Gallijaux - Port San d'Oria (H-8)
Requirements San d'Oria Reputation 1
Items Needed Moat Carp and/or Forest Carp x10,000
Title Granted Carp Diem
Repeatable No
Reward Lu Shang's Fishing Rod
10g per Moat Carp
15g per Forest Carp
(Average 100,000 - 150,000 total gil)


  • These two brothers are deep into a bit of brotherly competition, in order to tip the balance they ask for your help to turn in a total of 10,000 Moat Carp and/or Forest Carp.
  • You can accept the quest from either Joulet (for 'The Competition') or Gallijaux (for 'The Rivalry').
  • Trade the carp to whichever brother you accepted the quest from until 10,000 fish are traded.
    • You can talk to both brothers again to see which one you've agreed to help.
    • You can trade multiple stacks at a time.
  • You receive 10gil for each Moat Carp you trade, and 15g for every Forest Carp.
  • You will get the Lu Shang's Fishing Rod and the Testimonial (key item) upon completion.
  • To find out your current total of fish, speak to Ufanne, who stands watch behind the two bickering fishermen. (It is random whether or not she will tell you the total. If she does not, simply keep talking to her until she does.)

Game Description

Joulet (Wharf, Port San d'Oria)
Catch moat carp by any means possible so Joulet can win a fishing contest against his elder brother, Gallijaux.

Game Description

Gallijaux (Wharf, Port San d'Oria)
Catch moat carp by any means possible so Gallijaux can win a fishing contest against his little brother, Joulet.
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