Requirements Aht Urhgan Mission 48: Eternal Mercenary (or later) active
Items Needed Sutlac / Irmik Helvasi / Timeworn Talisman
Title Granted Heir of the Blighted Gloom
Repeatable No (see note below about repeating the battle)
Reward Choice of:
Ability to summon Odin (Must be Summoner 75)
Aesir Ear Pendant
Aesir Torque
Aesir Mantle
10,000 gil
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None Unwavering Resolve


The quest is not marked as active until this step is completed.
  • Head to Hazhalm Testing Grounds. click on the door for a cutscene, and then click the door again to enter fight.
    • This is a 6-person, uncapped battle with a 15 minute time limit.
    • Your Talisman key will be consumed upon entry.
    • Similarly to Einherjar, buffs and TP do carry over and EXP is lost from death.
    • Odin Prime possesses high attack and critical hit rate, but relatively low defenses.
    • Odin Prime will periodically summon Odin Images, one at a time.
    • Multiple Odin Images can be out at once, up to 3.
    • Odin Images appear to be similar to Elementals. They will strongly resist physical damage, but not magic. They appear to possess high HP and attack and are not recommended to kill.
    • Odin Prime can inflict several status effects, including: Curse, Sleep and Paralyze. He is also able to intimidate players, fairly frequently.
    • Many of Odin Prime's attacks will strip shadows. Paralyze and intimidate make casting shadows difficult.
    • Unlike Alexander, Odin Prime is completely immune to Stun.
    • Odin Prime will regen to 100% within one minute if left unclaimed.
    • Below 50%, Odin may begin a countdown in /say starting at 10. At 0, he will use Zantetsuken, inflicting Death on all targets within a 30' radius of his current target. If Odin cannot reliably be defeated before he uses this attack, all but the member with hate should run outside Area of Effect range, or use /kneel or /heal.
  • After you defeat Odin Prime, you will immediately enter a cutscene in which Odin will give you your choice of reward.
    • If you fail the fight, you must repeat the above steps starting with speaking with Yoyoroon. Note that the Timeworn Talismans traded may still be "duds."
    • Instead of entering Walahra Temple, examine the Imperial Whitegate to receive a brief cutscene and your new Talisman key.
  • Return to Aht Urhgan Whitegate and click on the Imperial Whitegate for a final cutscene and title.


Battling Odin Again

  • This quest is technically not repeatable. However, you may battle Odin Prime again by proceeding to the next quest, Unwavering Resolve.


Game Description

Nashmeira (Throne Room, Imperial Ward)
Ominous rumors circulating among the mercenary ranks speak of Dark Rider sightings deep within the Hazhalm Testing Grounds. Could this occurrence bear any connection to the unsealed spatial distortion? It falls to you to investigate.
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