The Rescue Drill - Gatehouse, San d'Oria
San d'Orian Gate Guard: There's not much work in right now. I suppose you could go participate in the Temple Knight's rescue drills out in the La Theine Plateau.

("Tell me more.")

San d'Orian Gate Guard: Enter the forest beyond the Westgate and head southwest. You'll come out onto the La Theine Plateau before long.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: Once you're out on the plateau, keep going until you see the knights. The training grounds aren't far from there.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: That is all. You'll take the mission then?

("I accept.")

San d'Orian Gate Guard: It's all just a drill, so this should be easy compared to your usual fare. Just follow orders and you'll be fine.

The Rescue Drill - La Theine Plateau
(You wander around La Theine Plateau speaking to the various Temple Knights.)

Galaihaurat: Are you in the rescue drill?

Galaihaurat: Head to the other side of that valley over there. One of my compatriots will assist you.

Equesobillot: Head down here if you wish to take part in the rescue drill.

Deaufrain: They're conducting drills up ahead... At least, I think they are.

Vicorpasse: Greetings, I'm Vicorpasse, squad captain in the Temple Knights.

Vicorpasse: We are supposed to be conducting rescue drills, but one of our "injured" soldiers has gone missing. Your assistance is finding him would be appreciated.

Vicorpasse: The missing soldier is a new recruit by the name of Ruillont. I just hope nothing's happened to him...

Augevinne: One of the "injured" soldiers has gone missing! Well, don't just stand there! Help us search!

Yaucevouchat: Well? Find anything?

Tayula: No, nothing, sir!

Laurisse: Well? Any sign of him?

Narvecaint: Hey!

Narvecaint: Hey! Come take a look at this! Quickly!

Narvecaint: Look, a cave! Maybe he went in there!

The Rescue Drill - Ordelle's Caves
(You enter Ordelle's Caves to find Ruillont hiding behind a cave formation.)

Ruillont: An adventurer, are you? I am Ruillont of the Temple Knights. I came here without my sword, and now fiends have surrounded me.

Ruillont: As the "wounded knight" for our training, I was to lie near the entrance. But a swarm of fiends happened upon me, and I was forced to flee into this cave.

Ruillont: Since I had left my sword with a companion, I had to find a place to hide...and now I'm stuck here.

Ruillont: What? You've come to rescue me?

Ruillont: I must refuse!

Ruillont: Imagine, a knight rescued by some passerby! Why, my family would be mocked for generations to come!

Ruillont: Confound it! If I only had my sword, I'd cut through these fiends single-handedly...

The Rescue Drill - La Theine Plateau
(You head back outside the cave to find which Temple Knight has Ruillont's sword.)

Temple Knight: Ruillont's sword? Yes, I was keeping it for him during training.

Temple Knight: What, Ruillont's stuck in a cave? How typical of him to refuse your help...

Temple Knight: Yes, I believe you; I'm sure it's him. Take this to him in there, would you? We'll keep it between you and me.

The Rescue Drill - Ordelle's Caves
(Upon trading Ruillont's sword to him.)

Ruillont: My sword! You've brought me my sword!

Ruillont: This is just what I needed. I thank you, adventurer.

Ruillont: I'll be fine from here on out. Please let my captain know...

Ruillont: I'm going to stay here and observe the caves for a while. Watch out for those fiends, eh!

The Rescue Drill - La Theine Plateau
Vicorpasse: What? Ruillont's in that cave? And he doesn't want us to send help, eh? That's my boy! He's an elite in the making, that one!

Vicorpasse: Well, the rescue training was a wash, but you helped us find our lost soldier. I think you've earned this Rescue Training Certificate.

Vicorpasse: No, really. These drills are naught compared to venturing into one of those caves. Hand that certificate to the knight at the gatehouse, and you'll be done.

The Rescue Drill - Gatehouse, San d'Oria
San d'Orian Gate Guard: You've returned! I hear the drill turned into something far more perilous. But real battle is the best drill for recruits, in my opinion.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: Regardless, you've done well. I'll turn to you when there's work to be done, now.

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