«FFXI-Movie» 0271 CoP 5-3T - The Pursuit of Paradise

«FFXI-Movie» 0271 CoP 5-3T - The Pursuit of Paradise

Game Script

The Pursuit of Paradise - La Theine Plateau
Tenzen: A moment, Player name!

Tenzen: Common rumor has it that one can meet here with the terrestrial avatar Carbuncle.
Could this be true...?

Tenzen: Carbuncle, bringer of rainbows!
I am Tenzen of the Far East, sent here across the seas at the behest of Phoenix!

Tenzen: The Keeper of the Apocalypse has come to Vana'diel, and four of the mothercrystals are besieged by darkness!

Tenzen: Yet in the face of this crisis, Bahamut and Diabolos do nothing to defend them.

Tenzen: Diabolos draws souls into his dreamworld to shelter people from the Emptiness.

Tenzen: And Bahamut rallies his wyrms for the destruction of every last person on Vana'diel in the name of some ancient pact!

Tenzen: Carbuncle.
We all carry the curse of Promathia within us...

Tenzen: And it is not within our power to lift this bane...

Tenzen: But I cannot accept this as a justification for genocide!
We were born as a part of fate's design, and we will live the lives we have been given!

Carbuncle: You, who have brought the soul of Phoenix across the waves.
And you, who carries the blessings of the mothercrystal.

Carbuncle: You have finally come into contact with the will of Promathia...

Carbuncle: I knew that even should the past be ground into dust, there would be a time when people would uncover the truth.

Carbuncle: No matter how tightly sealed, as long as it exists alongside the mothercrystal, Promathia's will shall one day awaken.

Carbuncle: That is why I have come to guide you.
Guide you to the power of the slumbering gods.

Carbuncle: As many people as possible must possess this strength to prevent the awakening of the Twilight God.

Tenzen: The slumbering gods...
You speak of the great avatars that dream away their existence in every corner of Vana'diel?

Tenzen: ...!?

Carbuncle: I sense that Phoenix does not approve of my actions.

Carbuncle: He who tries to save the world and he who tries to save mankind... Bahamut and Diabolos would also surely oppose me if they knew of my plans.

Carbuncle: Every time the power of the avatars is granted to a person, it hastens the awakening of the sleeping gods.

Carbuncle: If the siphoning of energy continues, the boundaries of the crystal world they protect will shatter, and their true forms will manifest upon this world of Vana'diel.

Carbuncle: And then a furious battle will ensue between the terrestrial avatars and the newly awakened gods.

Carbuncle: But I believe that this is the only option remaining to prevent Promathia's rebirth.

Carbuncle: The awakening of Promathia draws near.

Carbuncle: With the Keeper of the Apocalypse now among us, all that remains is for the Gates of Paradise to be opened...

Tenzen: I don't understand.
Has not the pursuit for the Gates of Paradise all been the result of Promathia's curse?

Tenzen: If so, then everything has been for the purpose of awakening the Twilight God...

Tenzen: Carbuncle!
Destroying his minion ourselves is the only way to save the children of Altana!

Tenzen: I beg of you to lend us the strength we need!
Please tell us where to find the Keeper of the Apocalypse!

Carbuncle: You shine so brilliantly...
I know that guiding light well.

Carbuncle: It is the light standing at your side, merging with your own, that so fills you with hope.

Carbuncle: Very well.
I will grant you my assistance.

Tenzen: You will help us!?

Carbuncle: Thirty years ago, I sensed the birth of the Keeper of the Apocalypse.

Carbuncle: After a number of years the presence faded, and I can no longer sense its location.

Carbuncle: However, the fiery bird of resurrection will continue to lead your steps on this journey.

Carbuncle: And that is why I will lend my strength to Phoenix's diminished soul...

Tenzen: You have our thanks!
Bringer of rainbows, I am delirious with joy at your words!

Carbuncle: Do not rejoice just yet, Tenzen.
The energy I will share with Phoenix does not exist here.

Carbuncle: It can be found in the city built by the Kuluu on the outskirts of the Zilartian capital.
A place known as Pso'Xja.

Carbuncle: The power we granted the Kuluu in ancient times should still be sealed within that city.

Carbuncle: Player name.
Venture deep within the ruins and open Carbuncle's gate.
With the knowledge you now hold, you should be able to operate the device that lies within.

Carbuncle: As I have no strength for battle, this is the best that I can do...
But I am sure you will find it helpful.

Tenzen: Carbuncle!
We are in your debt!

Tenzen: Player name!
This is the first terrestrial avatar to aid us in our cause.
For the others, it will be welcome news indeed!

Tenzen: But first we must secure the energy that is sealed within the ruins of Pso'Xja.
Let us rendezvous before the gate of Carbuncle!

Spiral - Pso'Xja
Tenzen: So this is the device which will provide us with the power of Carbuncle...

Tenzen: Let us begin, Player name.

Tenzen: I...
I can hear the voice of Phoenix!

Tenzen: She's telling us to return to the place where we first met Selh'teus...
But that would be...Jeuno!

Branded - Upper Jeuno
Monberaux: Player name, it seems as if you have experienced a trying ordeal in the Northlands.

Monberaux: I have attempted to gather information from the Ducal Guard; however, none are willing--or should I say allowed--to speak of the matter, though the fear in their eyes tells much.'

Monberaux: And that is not all...
Recently there have been unsettling rumors that the end of the world is near.

Monberaux: Those rumors also say that the young patient I treated--the girl who had her amulet stolen--is connected with all this in some manner.

Monberaux: I have even heard that the Ducal Guard has a warrant out for her arrest...

Tenzen: Preposterous! Lady Prishe is simply being used. The true criminal is that boy!

Monberaux: Why, if it is not...

Tenzen: I apologize for my sudden entrance, Doctor.

Tenzen: Player name!
Something terrible is underway!

Tenzen: I have come from the Grand Duke Palace, where I heard of the duchy's ridiculous plan. Jeuno has begun to mobilize the Ducal Guard in preparation for an attack on...Bahamut!

Tenzen: Yes, Bahamut has threatened Vana'diel with the promise of apocalypse. However, he is still one of the terrestrial avatars bound to protect our world.

Tenzen: There must be some way to persuade the conqueror of the skies...and that is why I requested to accompany the commander of this operation, Lady Esha'ntarl. Unfortunately...

Tenzen: ...the commander was not one to listen to reason. She is convinced that it would be futile to try and communicate with Bahamut, and the only way to save the people of Vana'diel is to attack the Wyrmking and his minions before they attack our cities.

Monberaux: Excuse me, sir. I am not sure if I fully comprehend what you are trying to say.

Monberaux: Bahamut is readying to launch an attack on the four nations? That cannot be true!

Monberaux: But if it was...

Monberaux: Have the leaders of the nations been informed? Have their armies begun preparations?

Tenzen: Unfortunately, San d'Oria, Bastok, and Windurst more than likely remain oblivious to the situation at hand. And even if they did know, they would have no means of mounting a counterattack.

Tenzen: Bahamut is known as the conqueror of the skies for a reason. The power he and his minions possess is beyond anything we could imagine--the power to control time and space.

Monberaux: Control time and space...?

Tenzen: The moment he and his minions were to arrive above our cities would be the moment of our defeat. We would have no choice but to accept annihilation...

Monberaux: ...

Tenzen: But I feel there is still a way...

Tenzen: Lady Esha'ntarl mentioned that Bahamut is currently building up the energy necessary for teleporting his fellow wyrms to the locations of attack.

Tenzen: If we could reach Bahamut before he has stored enough power, we may be able to persuade him not to begin his ambush of Vanadiel.

Monberaux: Persuade him? The end of the world is right before us, and you want to sit down and chat with the bringer of that destruction!?

Tenzen: Exactly!
With the Phoenix Blade and Player name by my side, I am positive that I can convince Bahamut to spare the lives of those on this world.

Tenzen: But to succeed, I require your assistance, Doctor.

Tenzen: I need to know where that boy was first discovered!

Monberaux: ...!

Monberaux: ...
Wolfgang, captain of the Ducal Guard, ordered me not to reveal this information to anyone...however, I am afraid I no longer have any choice.

Monberaux: On the first floor of Delkfutt's Tower, there is a large doorway that leads into the deeper areas of the spire.

Monberaux: It is somewhere down there that the boy mysteriously appeared. A large, central chamber...but that is all I remember.

Tenzen: I am extremely grateful for all you have done for us, Doctor.
Come, Player name, we have no time to lose.

Monberaux: Ah, but there is a door--a locked door, and only Wolfgang knows how to open it.

Tenzen: I have no worries, as Phoenix will lead the way.

Tenzen: Player name, make your preparations quickly and meet me at the tower.

Monberaux: Player name, it may be a worthless effort, but let me ask Wolfgang for the key to that chamber.

Monberaux: While sometimes misled, he is a man who strongly believes in justice. He may feel that it is solely his duty to protect the world on the eve of its destruction.

Monberaux: We must let him know that there are those of us who also follow the same path as he.
Here. Take this envelope to the palace guard post. I will be praying for your success, Player name.

Branded - Ru'Lude Gardens
Pherimociel: What is this? You say you have business with the captain?

Wolfgang: Ah, Player name.
I was looking for you.

Wolfgang: Esh'ntarl, duke vicarious, would like to hear your account of what transpired in the Northlands.

Wolfgang: ...?
What is this envelope?

Wolfgang: From Doctor Monberaux?
Why would he...?

Wolfgang: However, first things first.
Follow me.

Esha'ntarl: Ah, welcome back, adventurer.

Esha'ntarl: I see that you were unsuccessful in protecting the fourth crystal.

Esha'ntarl: And now it is looking more and more like you are the one who is leading the boy...

Esha'ntarl: Relax, adventurer. I am not blaming you for anything.

Esha'ntarl: Nag'molada kept the secret of the amulet to himself.

Esha'ntarl: It is his foolishness that acted as a catalyst for what occurred in the Northlands.

Esha'ntarl: And now that we know the true identity of the boy, there is no reason to further suspect your nation's involvement. I apologize for not trusting you.

Esha'ntarl: However, now we must put aside our misunderstandings and unite to save our world from being destroyed. Will you help us protect the mothercrystals?

Join forces with Jeuno?
No. <----- Chose this option!

Esha'ntarl: We have caused you much suffering, and I understand your anger. On behalf of the duchy I ask for your forgiveness.

Join forces with Jeuno?
Yes. <----- Chose this option!

Esha'ntarl: Player name...

Esha'ntarl: In the presence of the fourth crystal, I have learned that a strange occurrence took place.

Esha'ntarl: Is it true that the girl you took with you actually helped Selh'teus and thwarted the plans of our Nag'molada?

Esha'ntarl: It is extremely important that you do not withhold information from us.

Is it true?
Yes. <----- Chose this option!
Is it true?
No. <----- Chose this option!

Esha'ntarl: I see...
The duchy is currently searching for that girl.

Esha'ntarl: We do not wish to punish her. We feel that she may be in grave danger. We must find her so we can protect her.

Esha'ntarl: The first threat to her will be Nag'molada. He is already attempting to make it seem as if the fall of the fourth crystal was the girl's fault.

Esha'ntarl: If he finds her, he will more than likely poison her mind, preventing her from speaking of anything that may harm his plan.

Esha'ntarl: The second threat will be the boy, Selh'teus. His next destination will most surely be the fifth and final crystal.

Esha'ntarl: However, this crystal lies deep beneath the sea, and the only one who knows how to reach it is the girl.

Esha'ntarl: Finally, the third threat will consist of assassins from the south.

Esha'ntarl: You may have already heard the rumors of the Mithran sin hunters who have crossed the southern seas to try the theologians of Tavnazia.

Esha'ntarl: These hunters will not give up until they have punished all those they seek.

Esha'ntarl: And that is why we need your help, Player name.

Esha'ntarl: If you find the girl, bring her here. No harm will be brought to her. I swear on the name of the Goddess.

Nag'molada: Lady Esha'ntarl!

Nag'molada: Player name.
Did you tell them everything that happened in the Northlands?

Nag'molada: My plan was flawless! If it weren't for that despicable girl, Prishe, I would have captured Selh'teus, and this whole ordeal would be solved!

Nag'molada: That girl heard the whisper of Selh'teus's soul, sand the "Memoria de la S^tona," and helped him escape!

Nag'molada: The "testament of affinity" she possesses--it connects the hearts and souls of men. Selh'teus has been using that to control her!

Esha'ntarl: ...

Nag'molada: But now we have the chance to find out his true intentions.

Nag'molada: If we can capture the girl, we can use her to tap into Selh'teus's mind. We can learn if he truly arrived to save Al'Taieu!

Mawl'gofaur: You miserable man!
Are you saying Selh'teus does not know that our crusade ended long ago?

Kareh'ayollio: You fool!
Are you saying Selh'teus does not know that the celestial capital was destroyed long ago?

Nag'molada: Perhaps it is we who do not know the true outcome of the crusade or the true fate of our captial!

Nag'molada: I propose that an expedition be sent to Al'Taieu.

Nag'molada: There we may find the answers to why Selh'teus survived all the centuries, and why he continues to poison the mothercrystals.

Nag'molada: And that is why we must first investigate the line leading to the fifth crystal.

Nag'molada: Please, grant me access to the Crystal Terminal!

Esha'ntarl: ...
I understand why you feel an expedition to Al'Taieu is necessary.

Esha'ntarl: However...

Kareh'ayollio: The Armathrwn Society has already made a decision on this matter. I seem to recall that you have been given orders to research the Moblin city that was discovered near Bastok.

Mawl'gofaur: All affairs concerning Selh'teus have been left to Esha'ntarl. You are not to interfere.

Nag'molada: But, Lady Esha'ntarl has been given the assignment of Bahamut.

Nag'molada: Selh'teus is a much graver problem than you can imagine. I do not think...

Kareh'ayollio: Yes, you do not think!
Did you really believe attacking the boy with the Eye of Altana would defeat him!?

Mawl'gofaur: Your impudence is the cause of all our troubles!

Nag'molada: But...

Esha'ntarl: Nag'molada, do not misunderstand us. The society do not intend to pry at your faults.

Esha'ntarl: The reason we have entrusted you with the Moblin investigation is because your excellent Kuluu powers of negotiation are vital for the success of this mission.

Nag'molada: But Lady Esha'ntarl! You do not realize how powerful the boy has become...

Nag'molada: Now with the Eye gone and the path to the fifth crystal sealed, how do you plan on dealing with him!?

Nag'molada: I don't think you even have a plan!

Esha'ntarl: Very well, let me inform you of how we plan to stop Selh'teus.

Esha'ntarl: We can draw him forth without traveling to the fifth crystal.
We can seal him without your precious Eye of Altana.

Nag'molada: H-how...!?

Esha'ntarl: You can hear me, can you not...Selh'teus?

Esha'ntarl: It is I who possesses the other amulet you seek.

Esha'ntarl: I am waiting, Selh'teus!
Come and fulfill the pact!

Wolfgang: Here, take this envelope back to the doctor. It does not belong to me.

Wolfgang: But why would he try to...?

Branded - Batallia Downs
Wolfgang: You will not find anything of interest there, Player name.

Wolfgang: This place...

Wolfgang: A long time ago in Jeuno, there were these two boys--the best of friends--always sticking their noses into places they did not belong; fighting, getting into trouble...

Wolfgang: One day, the boys found a shard of blue glass. There was nothing special about it; it was probably just a broken bottle from one of the local pubs. However, to those boys it was a fabulous treasure.

Wolfgang: Looking through that glass allowed the boys to see the world in a different light--it made the town new and exciting. The two would spend hours arguing over who was to use it next.

Wolfgang: But in time, the buildings and the bridges began to bore them, and one day, the boys decided that they would defy their fathers' warnings and sneak out the city gates just to have a look at the rest of the world.

Wolfgang: For a member of the Ducal Guard, coming this far is a simple task, but for two young boys who had never ventured beyond the borders of their hometown, their little journey was a grand adventure.

Wolfgang: And on that journey they brought their treasure.

Wolfgang: And when they gazed at the towering duchy through the soft blue glass, they realized the strength, the beauty, and the grandeur that was Jeuno.

Wolfgang: They were awestruck by the sight of their hometown. The excitement they felt by watching Jeuno from that spot drew them back there numerous times.

Wolfgang: However, one day, one of the boys said a strange thing...

Monberaux: "Jeuno's amazing whether you look at it through the glass or not."

Wolfgang: Monbereaux...

Monberaux: It has been a long time since we both visited this place.

Monberaux: Look at the city...
It's just as beautiful today as it was when we were boys, wouldn't you say, Wolf?

Wolfgang: Why have you come here, Monberaux?

Monberaux: I have been so busy lately. I just thought I would come here to rest a spell.
Why are you here?

Wolfgang: I...
I was just patrolling the area...

Monberaux: I see...

Wolfgang: ...

Monberaux: Wolfgang.

Wolfgang: Hm?

Monberaux: You know the glass is mine.

Wolfgang: What!?

Monberaux: Don't you remember when we buried it? You said, "The treasure's yours. I don't need it anymore."

Wolfgang: I never said such a thing!
Where's your proof? Do you have it in writing? Huh? I don't see any signatures!

Monberaux: Hah hah hah!
Some things never change, do they, Wolf?
If you want it, it's yours. The shard should still be right there where we buried it.

Wolfgang: No...
That treasure was neither mine nor yours--it was ours.

Monberaux: Wolf...?

Wolfgang: The true reason I came here was to bury the glass...
I guess I never told you that I dug it up and kept it in my room.

Monberaux: ...

Wolfgang: Recently, I seem to have lost sight of what I truly need to protect in this world...

Wolfgang: When I was a boy, staring at the duchy from this hill, I though I had finally realized what my father was risking his life to protect.

Wolfgang: Coming here today reminded me of that.

Wolfgang: And hopefully I will never again forget...

Wolfgang: I'll be seeing you, Beraux.

Wolfgang: Now, where did I put that key...
I hope I did not bury it by mistake.

Wolfgang: Oh well. What is another slap on the wrist and a cut in pay? I have a successful doctor friend to buy all the rounds the next time we go to the pub.

Monberaux: Hah hah. And who would that happen to be?

Monberaux: I guess I was right. My old friend hasn't changed a bit.

Monberaux: Ah, Player name. If I were you, I'd see what the captain has buried over there. I have a feeling it is something that may be useful to you on your quest.

Monberaux: But I request that you leave the "other" treasure where it rests. Allow the memories of two young boys to live on, even if it is just for a little while longer.

Pride and Honor - Lower Delkfutt's Tower
Tenzen: Player name!

Tenzen: Where did you get that key?

Tenzen: The captain of the Ducal Guard!?

???: Well, well, well...

Tenzen: !?

Nag'molada: Excellent timing.
Great minds think alike, wouldn't you say, Player name and Tenzen?

Nag'molada: I never thought it would be you two who helped me.

Nag'molada: I, too, have some very important business on the other side of that door.

Tenzen: Ah, what a grand sight...

Nag'molada: The five mothercrystals...
It is this contraption that protects them as they slumber beneath Vana'diel.

Tenzen: Protects them...?
So, that is the purpose of this tower!?

Nag'molada: Exactly.
The five crystals are connected by the five Crystal Lines that all converge on this very place.

Nag'molada: For many centuries we have monitored the lines...protected the radiance of the crystals.

Nag'molada: However, when the Wyrmking, Bahamut, arrived, the five crystal lines began acting strangely. We could no longer control them.

Nag'molada: And then came Selh'teus.

Tenzen: He

Tenzen: Sir Nag'molada! Are you saying that the boy came here via the Crystal Line!?

Tenzen: Which means, by traveling back through the line, he can...

Nag'molada: Exactly. He can reach the fifth crystal. However, it is not as easy as you may think. The lines were not built as a path for men.

Nag'molada: They were built to gather the light of the mothercrystals.

Nag'molada: The true reason Selh'teus was able to enter this place is because he was aided by a guardian of the crystals--a terrestrial avatar.

Tenzen: A terrestrial avatar...?

Tenzen: It is all clear now! Phoenix led me to this place to show me the way to the celestial capital of Al'Taieu!

Nag'molada: Phoenix? Led you here?
That is truly unfortunate.
If this only had happened before Pso'Xja was reactivated...

Tenzen: Reactivated...? What do you mean by that, Nag'molada?

Nag'molada: The ruins of Pso'Xja were once the homes of my Kuluu brothers and sisters. However, at the onset of the Kuluu war with the Zilart, the terrestrial avatars lent us their power and helped transform the area into an impenetrable stronghold.

Nag'molada: And deep below the ruins is a device that blocks the flow of energy through the Crystal Line. Esha'ntarl has repaired that device...

Tenzen: Repaired it!
Why would she do such a thing!?

Nag'molada: I no longer know what the society is plotting. That is why I came here--to find out their true intentions!

Nag'molada: Ha ha ha!
Are you surprised?

Nag'molada: I guess that to you we ancients--Kuluu and Zilart--are all the same. However, that could not be further from the truth.

Nag'molada: The Zilart were blessed with the ability to subliminally communicate with all those around them--they possessed the "whisper of the soul." It was this ability that made the bonds between them unbreakable.

Nag'molada: However, there were those who were born without the whisper--the Kuluu. My people were destined from birth to sit outside the bonds of the Zilartian community.

Nag'molada: But we bystanders were able to ascertain the truth, and it was this that helped us survive the crusades of ten thousand years ago.

Nag'molada: The Zilart, the terrestrial avatars, Selh'teus...
Once again, their sins will deface Vana'diel and undermine her children.

Tenzen: That is terrible!
If you know of such a battle brewing, why do you not attempt to stop it!?

Tenzen: Why must we fight the avatars!? Such a battle would be meaningless! Our true enemies are the Emptiness and the evil boy that is spreading it!

Nag'molada: Hah.
Is that what you have to say? Tenzen, when are you going to stop being led around on a leash like a measly dog? When are you going to see what the terrestrial avatars really want?

Nag'molada: Listen. I told you this once before. Selh'teus is nothing but a traitor.

Nag'molada: Ten thousand years ago, he prevented the Zilart from obtaining what they desired.
Now, he is simply attempting the same thing.

Nag'molada: The records stored in this Crystal Line observation equipment have shown me the reason why Selh'teus travels to the mothercrystals.

Nag'molada: By touching the shards, he is able to drain their light...their power.

Tenzen: The crystal's power?

Nag'molada: To accomplish our task, we had to gather the power of the crystals and fuse it into one.

Nag'molada: And to do that, we needed to repair and revive the Zilartian machines that were damaged in the accident that occurred ten thousand years ago. With the machines working again, we were able to slowly draw the light of the crystals.

Nag'molada: When he realized he could not single-handedly take on the whole nation of Jeuno, he turned to the crystals instead. And when he laid his hands upon them, their power flowed from the facets like water rushing from a broken dam. This sudden loss of power resulted in a disruption in the space surrounding the crystals...

Nag'molada: Without the life-giving light of the crystals shining upon it, the space became overwhelmed with darkness--with Emptiness.

Tenzen: But, Selh'teus first appeared on Vana'diel the same time as Bahamut.

Tenzen: In my home nation, there were many reports of the Emptiness eating its way through the land, long before Bahamut even arrived...

Tenzen: Wait!
You just said that you were "slowly drawing the light of the crystals"...

Tenzen: That would mean that the cause of the Emptiness in the East is you--the Zilart!

Nag'molada: Hmph.
I was beginning to wonder when you would realize that, Tenzen.

Nag'molada: But don't misunderstand us. It was never our intention to harm Vana'diel with the Emptiness.

Nag'molada: While we lay in slumber for the past ten thousand years, things changed. The crystals changed.

Nag'molada: Especially the fifth crystal, deep below Al'Taieu.

Nag'molada: When the celestial capital was destroyed and sunk to the bottom of the sea, the crystal was damaged. The data that it returns is very odd indeed.

Nag'molada: However, you need not worry. Once the Gate of the Gods is opened, the crystals will return to their former state.

Nag'molada: And once they do, the Emptiness will disappear in the crystal's radiance, and the Zilart will have accomplished their dream.

Nag'molada: Only the wretched terrestrial avatars stand in our way...!

Tenzen: That is enough!
Before I slice you in two, I will give you the opportunity to recall the words of Diabolos!

Tenzen: Wake up!
You are all bound like marionettes by the chains of Promathia!

Tenzen: When the Gates of Paradise open, our world will be no more!

Nag'molada: But with an end always comes a new beginning...

Nag'molada: Tenzen!
Have you asked your precious Phoenix what actually happens when our world "is no more"?

Tenzen: What do you mean!?

Nag'molada: Yes.
The world we live in now is nothing but an illusion.
Compared to Paradise, Vana'diel is a cesspool festering with pain and suffering, lost hopes and dreams...

Nag'molada: Strict values waver in the winds of uncertainty, while you pilfer your precious time struggling to recognize the truths that peer back at you through the darkness.
You are inclined to search aimlessly for hints of who you truly are, though you rarely discover them, and it is this failure that ultimately forces you to tread a vague path through your miserable lives.

Nag'molada: Even confessions of the soul result in disagreement and inconsistency, thrusting your pitiful masses into utter chaos.
It is this chaos that breeds evil--an evil that propels you into justifying deeds of malevolence to maintain your false sense of purity.

Nag'molada: You were born into this world and this is the only world you know.
That is why you fear its end. You fear it and you fight it.

Nag'molada: The terrestrial avatars recognized this characteristic of your people and have used it to their advantage. Why? Have you ever wondered why the terrestrial avatars are named so? It is because they, too, were born on Vana'diel. If Vana'diel returns to Paradise, they will be nothing but mere animals!

Tenzen: B-but...

Nag'molada: You people are nothing but mere puppets, your strings tied to the fingers of the terrestrial avatars, destined to a life of slavery. Why not open your eyes to the truth?

Nag'molada: Now that you realize your true enemies are the avatars who claim to protect you, your journey through the darkness is over.

Nag'molada: You can leave the rest to me. I shall change your destinies.

Tenzen: ...!

Nag'molada: The light Selh'teus has gathered from the mothercrystals..
If the celestial capital of Al'Taieu still does exist, then the Zilart's plan is...

Nag'molada: This monitoring device will inform me of the crystal's memories... The memories will guide me...

Nag'molada: Let your memories show me the truth I seek!

Nag'molada: Argh...
I'm only receiving partial data...
There's still too much interference coming from the fifth crystal...

Nag'molada: But that image...
I've seen it somewhere before... It was...the Chamber of Eventide.
And that was Esha'ntarl!

Nag'molada: Yes...
It's all clear now...

Tenzen: ...

Tenzen: Could it be...?

Tenzen: Nag'molada said that the terrestrial avatars are using us... Using us to prevent people from waking up and realizing the truth...?

Tenzen: But if that is true...
The people who gave their lives for this flame...
I... I...

Tenzen: Phoenix! Answer me!

Tenzen: To grant you this form, lives were lost, villages destroyed...

Tenzen: The lifeblood you drank from my people...was it not to save Vana'diel!? Was it not to breathe hope back into her children!?

Tenzen: ...

Tenzen: ...
And once again you tell me to visit Fenrir...

Tenzen: Where? The southern tower of Pso'Xja?

Tenzen: Is that all!?

Tenzen: We shall see what truths the final avatar presents us with. We shall see if we are simply being made fools of!

And the Compass Guides (pt.1) - Pso'Xja
Tenzen: Player name...

Tenzen: I am truly sorry. You did not have to come...

Tenzen: It is my fault that you because a tool of the terrestrial avatars...

Tenzen: The Phoenix Blade has confirmed what Nag'molada said.

Tenzen: When the Gates of Paradise open, the terrestrial avatars will return to their original form--mere beasts...

Tenzen: The slumbering gods will awake and the Vana'diel we know will be transformed into a Paradise blessed with their glory.

Tenzen: However, with their awakening, the Lord of Chaos shall also return.

Tenzen: Whether this is good or bad, not even Phoenix knows...

Tenzen: ...Not even Phoenix knows...
And so countless lives were lost in my country to the Far East...

Tenzen: The Phoenix Blade was forged from the flames of resurrection--the flames left by Phoenix.

Tenzen: Its sole purpose: to destroy the Emptiness. However, it lacked the power to fulfill that mission.
It required a strength only obtained by taking innocent lives.

Tenzen: The number of people who were ultimately sacrificed is unspeakable.

Tenzen: Bandits and criminals were the first to be taken. Soon, villages that could not pay their tributes began offering sacrifices in place of money or crops.

Tenzen: Finally, the lives of those who had fallen into the slumber of the Emptiness were taken as they slept, unaware of the fate that had befallen them.

Tenzen: To you, the tactics chosen by my country may sound barbaric.

Tenzen: However, my people realize that this is only part of their destiny...

Tenzen: They accept their deaths in exchange to prevent the deaths of others.

Tenzen: They know that with their passing, they will have protected the world their children and their grandchildren will inherit.

Tenzen: Player name...
My country has entrusted me with a great task, and I am here to fulfill it.

Tenzen: One aspect of that task is to protect the Phoenix Blade with my life.

Tenzen: I must follow my orders at any cost...and that is why I need you to promise me...

Tenzen: ...if Phoenix leads me down a path that defies the will and morality of men, then you will do what is right for this world...

Tenzen: ...

Tenzen: Now I must continue, Player name.

Tenzen: It is said that deep within this tower, the power of Fenrir sleeps, and one can speak with the avatar if his power is released.

Tenzen: I can only pray my spirit remains as strong as yours.

And the Compass Guides (pt.2) - Pso'Xja
Fenrir: I am Fenrir...

Though I am no longer of body, my spirit continues to roam the heavens...

Fenrir: However, my strength has begun to fade, as do stars come morn...

Tenzen: O guardian of the moon, my name is Tenzen. I have come from a land far to the east, the blade born of Phoenix at my side.

Tenzen: Great misfortune has befallen Vana'diel. The four mothercrystals have lost their power and were overtaken by the Emptiness. Vana'diel trembles at the arrival of the Keeper of the Apocalypse...

Tenzen: To save our world, we require your strength and your wisdom. Can you offer us your assistance/

Fenrir: ...So you still choose the live and die...with the children of the dawn...

Fenrir: ...The path of the terrestrial avatars... The path of the people...

Tenzen: ...?
I apologize, but I do not quite understand what you are trying to tell us.

Fenrir: The memories...of ten thousand years ago...
They will guide you...

Fenrir: Witness...the vows of ancient times... The decisions made...
Before I fade into the

Tenzen: Where are we!?

Tenzen: Could this be Fenrir's vision?

Tenzen: If we are truly witnessing civilizations past...

Tenzen: Then those fighting Fenrir are our...ancestors?

Fenrir: Listen carefully, people of Vana'diel.
Though you have accepted twilight, you still choose to remain in this world.

Fenrir: You did not heed our warnings, and now the light of the crystals has begun to fade--chaos is upon you.

Fenrir: There is nothing more we can do for you. We no longer have time for idle chatter.

Fenrir: If you wish to remain as you are, leave this place immediately.

Fenrir: There is still time before the pact between the terrestrial avatars and Selh'teus is fulfilled.

Fenrir: Go! Live your lives...until the flames of your souls have flickered out.

Esha'ntarl: Wait.
Our future is not yet decided.

Esha'ntarl: We have come to request of you a new destiny.

Fenrir: A new destiny?

Fenrir: I shall repeat myself one last time. Your destinies have been recorded in the pages of the universe.

Fenrir: The answer given by the mothercrystals becomes truth. The memories of the crystal have been uttered. These words cannot be changed.

Esha'ntarl: Yes, we understand.

Esha'ntarl: As time passes, the lifeforce that dwells within us all becomes tainted. Darkness is born...

Esha'ntarl: And then comes one who harbors that darkness--the Keeper of the Apocalypse--and he will lead us into the twilight.

Esha'ntarl: This destiny is not decided by you, and cannot be changed using even the divination power of the stars or moon. It is a given.

Esha'ntarl: However, I traveled to my homeland and I spoke with the dying Selh'teus...

Esha'ntarl: And he told me, if the Keeper of the Apocalypse is defeated, then the pact with the terrestrial avatars would be broken.

Fenrir: You are correct.
But you can only succeed by first breaking the chains that bind your people.

Fenrir: With Selh'teus gone, who is there left with the strength--the courage--to accomplish that daunting task? Who is there left to bear forth an answer to an answerless riddle?

Esha'ntarl: ...
I am left.
I have found the answer.

Esha'ntarl: Selh'teus told me what he was trying to accomplish because he wished for me to continue in his footsteps.

Fenrir: It...
It cannot be...

Fenrir: You are the one who escaped from the curse of the Emptiness.

Fenrir: Even my readings could not predict this crossing of destinies...

Esha'ntarl: ...

Fenrir: You who have broken free from the circle of life--you may be able to watch over the destinies of mankind until the end arrives.

Fenrir: But when it does--when the Keeper of the Apocalypse rises up--you will be powerless.

Fenrir: And you will witness every man and woman on Vana'diel blindly march into the void of twilight, their arrogance, apathy, cowardice, rage, and envy drawing them deeper and deeper into the darkness.

Esha'ntarl: Yes.
However, there is still hope. The lifeforce of man is strong. They will persevere along the river of time until an answer is found.

Esha'ntarl: Fenrir, guardian of the moon, we await your divination!
Tell us the fated era! Tell us the fated land!

Esha'ntarl: If we know only when and where the Keeper of the Apocalypse will rise forth, we will find a way to defeat him! Mankind will find a way!

Fenrir: The fated era...
The fated land...

Fenrir: The hardships that accompany the destiny you so desire to bear are beyond any you could even imagine.

Fenrir: However, this may be the only true form of retribution for your past sins.
Are you ready to take upon your back the destiny of mankind?

Esha'ntarl: ...

Fenrir: Then I am not one to stand in your way.
Let the moon reading begin!

Fenrir: ...and so...
...has spoken...

Fenrir: ...after ten thousand years of sleep...
...the Keeper of the Apocalypse...
...will rise once again...

Fenrir: Tavnazia...

Tenzen: ...
...Player name...

Tenzen: Could Fenrir's words be the truth, or simply some form of trickery?

Tenzen: After ten thousand years of sleep, the Keeper of the Apocalypse will rise once Tavnazia?

Tenzen: Ten thousand years have passed...
The abhorrent one...

Tenzen: ...
I must return to Bastok and speak with Lady Ulmia immediately!

And the Compass Guides - Metalworks
Tenzen: Master Cid!

Has Lady Ulmia returned!?
And what of Lady Prishe!?

Cid: Calm down. Calm down. Ulmia arrived back here a few days ago. She's resting in one of our guest residences. Prishe... Well, there are still no signs of her...
But before we set out to look for her, why don't you tell us what you found out on your journey.

Cid: The terrestrial avatars told you that? It's so hard to believe, but...

Cid: Some of the things Nag'molada said do make some sense.

Cid: For example, the recent strange energy readings from the crags. I've studied those as well.

Cid: But I never imagined that the remnants of the ancients were trying to do something as crazy as that--using the lines to converge the energy from all five crystals...

Tenzen: ...and ultimately use that concentrated power to open the Gates of Paradise...

Cid: Hmmm...
I'm not positive, but with that much energy, opening the gates may not be as impossible as it sounds.

Cid: And with all the technology those hooded scientists in Jeuno have...

Cid: But wait a minute. Didn't they already try opening the gates ten thousand years ago...and fail miserably? Just look at their capital! It sunk to the bottom of the sea.

Cid: Until we find out what this Paradise place really is, we can't let the Zilart go on doing as they please.

Tenzen: That is true, but we first must face the problem that lies before us--the Keeper of the Apocalypse!

Tenzen: I was certain that Selh'teus was the one we were searching for, but after hearing the testimony of Fenrir...

Cid: That the Keeper of the Apocalypse would be born unto Tavnazia...

Cid: Tenzen.
According to what you've told me, Prishe's treatment in Tavnazia was quite out of the ordinary.

Cid: Are you trying to say that this is because...she is the keeper?

Tenzen: While it pains me to believe so, all the recent events seem to point to that conclusion.
I have asked Phoenix numerous times for an answer, but she only replies that she, too, does not know...

Tenzen: But if it is true--if Prishe is the Keeper of the Apocalypse...then there is only one thing I can do...

Cid: Hold on, Tenzen! We still don't know for sure that she's the one!

Cid: Yeah, she's a little rude, and a little crude, and a heck of a lot wilder than I like most of my company. But once you get past that, you realize that she's one of the most honest people you'll ever meet. I couldn't imagine her lying to a soul, let alone be untrue to herself.

Cid: Tenzen, you can't truly believe that she's inherited the will of Promathia, can you?

Tenzen: However, I cannot doubt what I saw. I believe that Fenrir showed me what he did for a reason.

Tenzen: It is the sole wish of the terrestrial avatars to keep the Gates of Paradise closed. Anyone who attempts to open the gates will undoubtedly become their enemy.

Tenzen: Perhaps the will of Promathia remains dormant within Lady Prishe. Perhaps she simply has not realized that she carries the seed of twilight.

Cid: ...

Cid: Alright.
But I'm going to have to ask you to refrain from questioning Ulmia until Louverance gets back. We don't want to jump to conclusions before we've grasped the whole picture.

Cid: Tenzen. I understand that you blame yourself for not being able to find Prishe, but think of poor Ulmia and how she would react.

Tenzen: Very well, Master Cid. I promise I will not speak of what I saw to lady Ulmia until the return of Sir Louverance.

Tenzen: If it is not too much to ask, might I inquire as to where she is staying?

Cid: Raibaht, show Tenzen to Ulmia's room.

Cid: Player name...
To tell you the truth, I think we may be in way over our heads here...

Cid: Up until now, whether it be for science or justice, I've never thought too deeply about what I was getting into--I just took the ball and ran with it as fast as I could. But this time...
This time a little voice in the back of my head is telling me that I should be careful.
I don't know. Maybe I'm just getting old.

Cid: It's those "ancients" that you keep talking about. If they're rooted firmly in Jeuno, there may not be anything we can do to pull them out.

Cid: Fighting wyrms and beastmen is bad enough. I shudder to think what would happen if the duchy's army was thrown into the mix...

Cid: And then there's something else that has been bothering me.

Cid: This "Far Eastern" country that Tenzen has supposedly traveled from... Even the pirates of Norg know little about it. How do we know if we can really trust him...?

Cid: Who speaks the truth and who peddles lies? It is becoming harder and harder to tell.
I see a storm brewing on our horizon. If we don't take care, our ship may sink, and everything we have fought for up to now may be lost.

Cid: If you really want to save your nation and its people, you hav to be strong. See things with your own eyes; make decisions with your own heart. Don't be fooled by those with ulterior motives.

Cid: Oh, sorry about that, Player name. I didn't mean to sound like a father scolding his son/daughter.

Cid: Hm?
What's wrong?

Cornelia: Uncle Cid!
The Tenshodo just sent a message!
Prishe has been spotted--in Jeuno!

Cid: What!?

Cornelia: They told her that there was a warrant out for her capture, but she didn't seem to listen.

Cornelia: What's wrong? Why would she go and risk being captured!?

Ulmia: Jeuno...
Perhaps... Perhaps she has gone to meet with...

Cid: Ulmia? Is there something we should know?

Ulmia: Master Cid! I must leave for Jeuno immediately!

Cid: Ulmia!

Cid: This doesn't look good...
Raibaht! Find Tenzen and Louverance and tell them what has happened. Then hurry to Jeuno.

Cid: Tell them not to worry about Movalpolos. I'll have a party of, gold musketeers sent there right away.

Cid: Player name. You had better go to Jeuno as well.

Cid: If you can't find Prishe, then we'll all meet in front of the Grand Duke Palace and plan our next move.

Cid: If she's already been captured, then I can guarantee you she'll be somewhere in that building.

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