Mission Name The Pursuit of Paradise (Tenzen's Path)
Number PM5-3T
Start NPC Cid Metalworks (H-8)
Title Granted Tenzen's Ally
Items Needed Key ItemEnvelope from Monberaux
Key ItemDelkfutt Recognition Device
Reward 1000 EXP
Parent Mission Sub-Missions
Three Paths (Also to be Completed)
Where Messengers Gather (Ulmia's Path)
Past Sins (Louverance's Path)
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Desires of Emptiness For Whom the Verse is Sung
Replay Cutscenes
The Pursuit of Paradise Goblin Footprint La Theine Plateau (E-4)
Spiral Goblin Footprint Pso'Xja, Map 11 (I-7)
Branded Tinjue Upper Jeuno (G-6)
Branded Archanne Ru'Lude Gardens (G-9)
Branded Goblin Footprint Batallia Downs (F-9)
Pride and Honor Goblin Footprint Lower Delkfutt's Tower, First Floor (H-10)
And the Compass Guides (pt.1-2) Goblin Footprint Pso'Xja, Map 11 (I-7)
And the Compass Guides Taulluque Metalworks (I-8)


Started by talking to Cid and selecting "Find Selh'teus"

NOTE: This guide was written at level 75 cap and before the first Pso'Xja area's level 50 cap was removed. Any amount of Item Level makes this trivial.

The Pursuit of Paradise

Pso'xja Composite Map



Enter Pso'Xja from the tower at (J-8). Fastest way to get there is via Beaucedine Glacier Unity Concord warp (level 125). Inside this tower is not a maze, but rather a gauntlet of enemies and force-spawned monsters.

In this tower you will encounter sixteen stone doors.

  • Touching the doors that you have already passed through will warp you out of the tower.

In order to pass through each of these doors you will either have to fight a Doll NM named Gargoyle or the door will malfunction and simply let you through without the Gargoyle spawning. The small chance that the traps will fail to spring and the door will open without a fight does not appear to be linked to the job or stats of the person opening the doors.

After defeating the Gargoyle that may appear, you must run through the stone door within a brief period of time (approximately 25 seconds). Everyone must pass through the door before it closes, or they will be have to rematch the Gargoyle (unless the trap fails).

  • If someone is left behind and must respawn a Gargoyle, other party/alliance members can provoke it through the door and defeat it to allow the member to catch up without having to fight the Gargoyle alone.

Touching the doors that you have already passed through will warp you out of the tower.

Gargoyles' max HP increases with each version.

  • Gargoyles do not get stronger in terms of attack power. Only their HP rises with each one that spawns.
  • Gargoyles are easily handled solo by any job at 75+, or by a low-level (~50) balanced party of 6.

Low-level players can easily aggro monsters in the next room by walking or casting magic near the sealed door. High-level players do not receive any aggro except from the Gargoyles.

  • Follow this link for past successful party setups and experiences (see testimonials).

The sixteen doors are split into four sections.

Monsters can aggro through sealed doors, and can attack and pass through them freely, but the doors do not open.

  • A tactic for low-level groups is to aggro as much as you can through the door before popping the NM, so you don't have to fight the next room's monsters afterward, and won't aggro during the fight either.
  • The normal monsters all have 15 minute or longer respawn times.

Thieves can attempt to open the doors with skeleton keys, living keys or Thief's Tools in order to avoid the traps and Gargoyle battles. Success rate seems to be 50%.

Once past the final door, take the elevator down and past the Diremite Stalkers (not aggressive).

Check the Avatar Gate for a cutscene.

You can walk to the opposite side of this circular room and turn left to get to a teleporter out to Beaucedine Glacier.

  • It is completely possible to make it to the Avatar Gate without being ready to do this mission. If you get to the Avatar Gate and it does not give you a cutscene when you click it, chances are you have not talked to Carbuncle at the ??? in La Theine Plateau about this mission. (See above.)
  • If someone clicks back on a door to exit and leaves in the middle of your group, or someone failed to complete all of the mission's prerequisite cutscenes, after completing the mission, leave someone with Tractor at the elevator, go through the first 4 doors (which are easy) and have them die in the middle between the 4th and 5th room so they can be Tractored to the elevator. If someone gets left behind one room, you can provoke the Gargoyle through the wall as well to clear the door for them.
  • A Black Mage can be left by the elevator after defeating the NMs to tractor stragglers that come later than the previous groups. They just have to beat the first four dolls, find a gazer and pull it to the center area across from the elevator platform, and die. Then, the waiting Black Mage can tractor and raise the stragglers and they all head for the cutscene at the bottom of the elevator. This strategy is fast and easy, but the Gargoyles are easy too if your level is high. Make sure they die at least within curing range of the Black Mage so they can target you and cast Tractor.


Talk to Monberaux in the Infirmary in Upper Jeuno (G-10) (Home Point #3. Obtain Key ItemEnvelope from Monberaux.

Talk to Pherimociel in the Guard Post of the Ducal Palace, Ru'Lude Gardens (G-6) (Home Point #1) to get a cutscene involving Wolfgang. NOTE: You may have to talk to him twice to get the CS. Make sure you get the one with Wolfgang.

(Optional) Talk to Monberaux again. (no cutscene)

Walk out of Upper Jeuno into Batallia Downs and out through the gate in the wall. Turn left and examine the ??? at (K-9) once for a cutscene and then a second time for a Key ItemDelkfutt Recognition Device.

  • Be sure to examine it again after getting the key item!!

Pride and Honor

Enter Lower Delkfutt's Tower and head to the Cermet Door at (H-5) on the first floor. This is not the Cermet Door that leads to the basement, but rather one on the north side of the same floor.

Touch the Cermet Door to spawn the NM Disaster Idol, a doll that casts spells depending upon the elemental day.

  • It is susceptible to Blind, Poison, Gravity, and elemental debuffs/ninjutsu, but resists Elegy, Requiem, Silence, Stun, and Flash. It does not use Meltdown.
  • It is exceptionally easy on Lightsday (only casts Banish and enhancing spells).
  • Any damage-dealing class at level 99 can take it down within a minute or two.

Check the Cermet Door after the fight for a cutscene.

If you forgot to check the ??? twice in Batallia Downs it can still be done after the fight if someone else pops it, simply run back and check ??? for the second time. Now back to the Cermet gate and check it like you would after defeating the Disaster Idol and you will still receive the cutscene. Again, you need the Key ItemDelkfutt Recognition Device in order to pop the NM.


And the Compass Guides

Head back to Pso'Xja, via the tower closest to Batallia Downs at (H-10). Fastest way to get there is via Beaucedine Glacier Unity Concord warp (level 125). Alternatively, Atmacite Refiner warps you just a tad further away, but requires White Stratum Abyssite VI. Or, if you prefer neither method, you could use a Survival Guide to Beaucedine Glacier, which near to the required tower.

After the cutscene with Tenzen, use some form of Sneak and Invisible (e.g. Spectral Jig). Fighting your way in is not advised. Diremite Assaulters, Thousand Eyes, and some Goblins will aggro level 99.

  • It is recommended that you run this in first-person mode so that your camera doesn't fool you when you pass through a one-way wall. It is easy to get disoriented in third-person view when the camera gets knocked around in here.

Once in Pso'Xja (Use map for reference.) follow the wall on your right all the way around the map until the room at (I-8) and turn left then drop to lower level, continue south and then north towards the stairs alas, elevator.

Once you reach the Elevator make sure that you have Sneak and Invisible up as again there are Diremites, Goblins and Pots at the bottom. The Pots will aggro Sneak and Invisible spells, so take care. The Diremites do not agro.

Check the Avatar Gate for a cutscene.

  • After viewing the cutscene it is possible to get aggro from the mobs in the room. Clearing the room or being prepared to lose some exp are options, as is simply using a Warp Ring/Scroll of Instant Warp immediately. Only drop Invisible before talking to the door, and retain Sneak, so that when you come out of the cutscene the monsters will not aggro.

Talk to Cid in Metalworks (Home Point #1) for a cutscene.

  • If Tenzen's Path is your final path to complete on mission 5-3, you will get an additional cutscene at Cid that leads into the next mission, if not, head to another fork.
Fork 1 Fork 2 Fork 3
Tenzen's Path Ulmia's Path Louverance's Path

Game Description

Mission Orders
Tenzen left for the La Theine Plateau to seek out the terrestrial avatar Carbuncle, and request his assistance in your battle with the Emptiness.