Start NPC Carbuncle - Windurst Walls (G-4)
Requirements Summoner 40+
Items Needed Earth Pendulum
Repeatable Yes
Reward Kukulcan's Staff
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I Can Hear a Rainbow Class Reunion


  • Trusts may be called for an easier fight.
  • Galgalim can be silenced, paralyzed and slowed. Can be Reposed. Cannot be slept by a 75 BLM, resisted all sleeps, even aga's.
  • Galgalim has about 6,000 hp.
  • Easily soloed by any job level 70+.
  • Easily Soloed by SMN 65+
  • After defeating Galgalim, return to Port Bastok and speak with Juroro for another cutscene.
  • Finally, return to Windurst Walls (E-7) (Home Point #1) and talk to Koru-Moru to complete the quest and receive your reward.
    • You may get dialogue relating to a different quest. You must speak to him again if he does not give you a cutscene.

Game Description

Carbuncle (House of the Hero, Windurst Walls)
According to the words of Carbuncle, the thief that is stealing the avatars' energy from adventurers is currently in Bastok. You must travel to Bastok to confront the situation.