Mission Name The Princess's Dilemma
Number 3-2
Repeatable No
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The Key Dark Clouds Ahead
Replay Cutscenes
The Princess's Dilemma Gehlvik Western Adoulin (D-9)


  • Go to Scout's Coalition Waypoint in Eastern Adoulin and talk to Eppel-Treppel to enter the Celennia Memorial Library for a cutscene with Arciela and Andreine that completes this mission and begins the next.
    • Select the option "What sweets do you like?" to progress the cutscene.
  • In case you are doing at same time both this mission and RoV's Solemnity, the latter takes precedence, so you gonna need to watch RoV's mission cutscene first, zone out then come back to watch this mission cutscene.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Arciela has been disheartend of late, and you have been tasked with finding out what has been bothering her. Witnesses have reported sightings of her going to the Celennia Memorial Library.