Start NPC Maudaal - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (E-9)
Requirements Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Repeatable No
Reward Chanoix's Gorget


  • Talk to Maudaal in E-9 of Aht Urhgan Whitegate to start this quest. You will receive a lengthy cutscene upon doing so.
  • After, you are directed to head to the "secret entrance" to Wajaom Woodlands, G-10/H-10 of Aht Urhgan. Upon zoning, you receive another cutscene.
  • Reach Mamook by entering the cave at D-12 on the Wajaom Woodlands map. Once you've entered, you will find a "Toad's Footprint (J-7)," click it for another cutscene.
  • You must then travel to a small lake inside Mamook, the hallway in the southern part of G-7/H-7 (see below for an easy to follow route).
  • Check the tracks here once for a cutscene. Check them a second time for a fight.
  • You will spawn a Poroggo Casanova, assisted by Mikiruru‎, Mikiluru‎, Mikirulu‎, Nikilulu, and Mikilulu‎. They are unable to be slept, even with Elemental Seal. The helpers are ordinary frog enemies and have very weak attack power and accuracy, but the Casanova may use all normal Poroggo spells/abilities, including Sleepga, Tier IV and Ancient magic, and "Frog Song". Killing the Casanova will cause all other frogs to disappear and the battle will end.
  • Mikilulu Cannot be killed but can be brought down to 1% HP
  • After winning, check the tracks again for yet another cutscene. Afterwards, you may warp back to Whitegate.
  • You only have to fight it once for it to count for the rest of your party if they are at that stage in the quest.

Route to the Battle

  • Cast Invisible and follow the righthand (northern) wall until you reach G-7/H-7, where there are pots of Viscous Liquid. Drop Invisible, cast Sneak (to avoid aggro from fish) and drink the Viscous Liquid to turn yourself into a Mamool Ja (to avoid aggro from Poroggos). Note that you will experience a heavy DoT effect while costumed as a Mamool Ja. Now follow the lefthand (southern) wall a short distance and enter the hallway in the southern part of G-7/H-7 that contain the Toad's Footprints.


  • This fight can be soloed by many jobs. Full offensive set up is better than Defensive. NM died with 3 ws~ 500-600 and melee hits (see testimonials).

Game Description

You have been hired by Professor Clavauert B Chanoix to accompany him and his guinea toad, Salwa-Molwa, to Mamook where they will conduct research on the elusive Poroggo.