Mission Name The Pirates' Cove
Number 6-2
Start NPC Any Bastok Gate Guard
Requirements Adaman Ore
Level 60+
Reward Rank 7
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Return of the Talekeeper The Final Image
Replay Cutscenes
The Pirates' Cove (pt.1) Taulluque Metalworks (I-8)
The Pirates' Cove (pt.1) Colleraie Norg (H-9)
The Pirates' Cove (pt.2) Colleraie Norg (H-9)
The Pirates' Cove (pt.2) Taulluque Metalworks (I-8)

Yhoator Jungle

Ifrits Cauldron


This mission requires a certain level of Rank Bar. Complete Wading Beasts 10 times Verification Needed or trade 4 crystals to a Conquest Overseer, then speak to any Gate Guard and select the mission from the list.

  • Talk to Naji in Metalworks. He is the guard outside the President's Office, where you will be treated to a cut scene.
  • You will be sent to speak with Gilgamesh (through the Oaken Door at (K-8) in Norg) where you will get another cutscene.
If you have not started the Rise of the Zilart Missions then the first cutscene you get may be related to the Rise of the Zilart Missions. Talk to Gilgamesh until he tells you to retrieve a Frag Rock from Ifrit's Cauldron.
  • Take the (I-5) entrance in Yhoator Jungle to Ifrit's Cauldron.
  • From the entrance, go south at the first fork, then north at the second. At (H-7) there will be a lava puddle with a ??? close by.
Bees do not aggro, but bats and bombs will.

Game Description

Mission Orders
You are being sent to Norg as an emissary of Bastok. Meet Sir Naji in front of the President's Office for a full briefing.