Start NPC Moogle - Mog House in your home city
Requirements Reputation: 5 in your home city
Items Needed Mahogany Bed
  Selbina Butter
  Shrimp Lure
Title Granted Mog's Exceptionally Kind Master
Repeatable No
Reward A new Mog Safe with a 70 item capacity.
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Give a Moogle a Break Moogles in the Wild


This takes until Japanese Midnight to occur.
  • If you meet the requirements for this "quest" but don't seem to be getting it, check to see if you have an Armoire in your Mog House. If you do, remove it from your "Layout". (Leaving it in your mog safe is ok, though.) This piece of furniture has its own Furniture Quest associated with it, but its activation is unknown. Either way, it seems to stop the mog safe expansion quests from activating if you have it set up in your layout.
  • NOTE: Raising your home-city reputation to 6 will not immediately activate the quest even if you already had the Mahogany Bed in your layout during the last conquest tally. You must meet both the item and rank conditions at the time of conquest tally to trigger the quest.

Game Description

Moogle - Mog House in your home city
Your moogle wants to take a shrimp lure and some Selbina butter back home. He sure would be happy if you found them for him.
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