Mission Name The Mithra and the Crystal
Number ZM12
Items Needed Key ItemScrap of Papyrus
Required to solo if not Galka:
Key ItemLoadstone
Reward Key ItemCerulean Crystal
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The Hall of the Gods The Gate of the Gods
Replay Cutscenes
The Mithra and the Crystal Zungutt Rabao (F-6)


  • Go to Rabao (Home Point #2) and talk to Maryoh Comyujah, who's standing in front of the windmill at G-7. She will ask you to do something for her.
    • Suggestion : Set your Home Point here, as it's a long trek back to Rabao after doing the pickup for her.
  • Travel to D-12 in Western Altepa Desert and head into Quicksand Caves (4).
  • Below there is a couple of options how to navigate through Quicksand Caves, but to make this clear, your objective is to reach the point (I-8) in Quicksand Caves map 7. To get there, you gonna need to pass through map 4, thats where the routes below discussed gonna lead you.
    • The fastest way to reach K-8 is via Proto-Waypoint to Quicksand Caves if you registered it during the quest Further Founts. You gonna land in the map 4, just needing to head east to (L-8), entrance D, where you gonna enter map 7.
    • Using Quicksand Caves Home Point #1:
      • If taking this route, navigate thru the hidden parts of the map to H-4, then zone out to Western Altepa. (This will save a bit of time instead of running to D-12 from Rabao.) After exiting Quicksand Caves, drop from the ledge and climb out of the pit that you are currently in, up to the ground level of the desert.
      • There is an unmapped pathway at the canyon walls in Western Altepa Desert at the SW corner of D-11, which will lead you to an open area with an entrance to Quicksand Caves, that is located in the pit at D-12.
      • Head to K-8 and stand on the pressure plate to open the door to the east. Exit through D on the map, which is on K-8.
      • The weight sensor requires 1 Galka, 3 Tarutaru, or 2 of any other combination to trigger. Also, any single character with a Key ItemLoadstone can enter.
    • At map 7:
      • On the next map, go through the weight sensor door at G-8.
      • Walk through the door and fall down into the pit at I-8.
      • Touch the ??? near where you landed and select Yes to spawn the Ancient Vessel.
      • Once the Ancient Vessel is killed, inspect the ??? again to dig out the Key ItemScrap of Papyrus.
        • If you zone after killing the Ancient Vessel without obtaining the Key ItemScrap of Papyrus, you must redo the fight to obtain the Key ItemScrap of Papyrus.
        • If someone has recently completed this, or you fail and come right back, you may get a "You sense faint traces of magic force" error. There will be a delay before you can fight it again.
  • Return it to Maryoh Comyujah to obtain a Key ItemCerulean Crystal.
  • Head back to the Hall of the Gods, touch the sealed gate, and watch the cutscene.
  • Go down the hallway and examine the Shimmering Circle for the last cutscene.

Game Description

Mission Orders
According to Gilgamesh, a Mithra carrying a mysterious crystal she found in Zi'Tah was recently in Norg. Her name was something like Mary or Maroo or Maree...