Start NPC Alfesar - Rabao H-7
Requirements Selbina/Rabao Reputation 4, Level 10
Items Needed KeyItemAncient tablet fragment
KeyItemTablet of Ancient Magic
KeyItemLetter from Alfesar
Title Granted Acquirer of Ancient Arcanum
Repeatable No
Reward Scroll of Teleport-Altep


Eastern Altepa Desert


Quicksand Caves Map 1


Quicksand Caves Map 2


  • Talk to Alfesar in Rabao (H-7). He needs your help in finding an KeyItemAncient tablet fragment in the Quicksand Caves.
  • The fragment spawns at one of five randomly chosen locations in the Quicksand Caves.
    • Spawnpoints on Map 1: H-6, H-10, E-9
    • Spawnpoints on Map 2: D-9, L-11
  • To get to the ??? at H-6 (Point 1 on the map), enter the Quicksand Caves from the Eastern Altepa Desert at J-7 (Entrance #1 on the Map). All Anticans aggro to sound.
    • You will zone in L-4 on Map 1.
    • When you fall down at I-7, be sure you are on the right (west) wall.
    • There will be a beetle at the spawn point. (The beetle doesn't aggro.) If the ??? is not there, head out of the caves at D-5. You will exit at H-8 in the Eastern Altepa Desert (Entrance #2 on the Map).
  • To reach the other four points, again enter the Quicksand Caves from J-7 in the Eastern Altepa Desert.
    • This time drop down at J-7, on the left (east) wall.
    • On Map 1 you can check points 2 (E-9) and 3 (H-10).
    • If not at either point, drop down at F-10. As you drop down, be sure you are on the east wall. Take Tunnel A.
    • Points 4 (D-9) and 5 (L-11) are on Map 2.
  • When you find the ???, check it and you will receive the KeyItemAncient tablet fragment.
    • If more than one person in your party needs the quest, the ??? will disappear once anyone clicks it and will instantly repop in one of the locations (usually a different one, although the same one is possible).
    • You might obtain the Antican Tag from a non-related ??? while searching for the proper ???. This item is used to pop Tribunus VII-I and has nothing to do with this quest.
  • Return to Alfesar. He will give you the KeyItemTablet of Ancient Magic and the KeyItemLetter from Alfesar.
  • Take both items to Charlaimagnat at the cathedral in Northern San d'Oria, M-7. (He is on the lower level at the bottom of the stairs.)
  • He asks for you to come back another day because he needs to decipher the tablet. Zone and come back to Charlaimagnat after at least one Earth minute for your reward.
    • Simply logging out in front of him and logging back in does not work, you have to zone to another zone and come back.
    • A close zone is the Mog House in Northern San d'Oria

Game Description

Alfesar (Near the oasis, Rabao)
The friar Alfesar has asked you to find the remaining part of a stone tablet that was found in the Quicksand Caves that lie beneath the Altepa Desert.
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