Start NPC Alfesar - Rabao H-7
Requirements Selbina/Rabao Reputation 4, Level 10
Items Needed Key ItemAncient tablet fragment
Key ItemTablet of Ancient Magic
Key ItemLetter from Alfesar
Title Granted Acquirer of Ancient Arcanum
Repeatable No
Reward Scroll of Teleport-Altep

Eastern Altepa Desert

Quicksand Caves Map 1

Quicksand Caves Map 2


  • Talk to Alfesar in Rabao (H-7). He needs your help in finding an Key ItemAncient tablet fragment in the Quicksand Caves.
  • The fragment spawns at one of five randomly chosen locations in the Quicksand Caves.
    • Spawnpoints on Map 1: H-6, H-10, E-9
    • Spawnpoints on Map 2: D-9, L-11
  • To get to the ??? at H-6 (Point 1 on the map), enter the Quicksand Caves from the Eastern Altepa Desert at J-7 (Entrance #1 on the Map). All Anticans aggro to sound.
    • You will zone in L-4 on Map 1.
    • When you fall down at I-7, be sure you are on the right (west) wall.
    • There will be a beetle at the spawn point. (The beetle doesn't aggro.) If the ??? is not there, head out of the caves at D-5. You will exit at H-8 in the Eastern Altepa Desert (Entrance #2 on the Map).
  • To reach the other four points, again enter the Quicksand Caves from J-7 in the Eastern Altepa Desert.
    • This time drop down at J-7, on the left (east) wall.
    • On Map 1 you can check points 2 (E-9) and 3 (H-10).
    • If not at either point, drop down at F-10. As you drop down, be sure you are on the east wall. Take Tunnel A.
    • Points 4 (D-9) and 5 (L-11) are on Map 2.
  • When you find the ???, check it and you will receive the Key ItemAncient tablet fragment.
    • If more than one person in your party needs the quest, the ??? will disappear once anyone clicks it and will instantly repop in one of the locations (usually a different one, although the same one is possible).
    • You might obtain the Antican Tag from a non-related ??? while searching for the proper ???. This item is used to pop Tribunus VII-I and has nothing to do with this quest.
  • Return to Alfesar. He will give you the Key ItemTablet of Ancient Magic and the Key ItemLetter from Alfesar.
  • Take both items to Charlaimagnat at the cathedral in Northern San d'Oria, M-7. (He is on the lower level at the bottom of the stairs.)
  • He asks for you to come back another day because he needs to decipher the tablet. Zone and come back to Charlaimagnat after at least one Earth minute for your reward.
    • Simply logging out in front of him and logging back in does not work, you have to zone to another zone and come back.
    • A close zone is the Mog House in Northern San d'Oria

Game Description

Alfesar (Near the oasis, Rabao)
The friar Alfesar has asked you to find the remaining part of a stone tablet that was found in the Quicksand Caves that lie beneath the Altepa Desert.