Start NPC Rakuru-Rakoru - Lower Jeuno (I-6)
Requirements Main job level 75+
Items Needed KeyItemData Analyzer and Logger EX
Repeatable No
Reward 59,630 gil


  • You can earn all of these kills as a monipulator if you wish, with the exception of Ixtab, because Upper Delkfutt's Tower is unavailable in Monstrosity.
  • You can ask him for information on the general whereabouts of each NM.
  • When you defeat one of the NMs on the list with the key item, you receive the message: "The relevant battle data has been recorded in your Data Analyzer and Logger EX."
    • Most of these NMs can be soloed or duoed at 75, but some like Ixtab require a higher level or more people to kill. You can kill these with a party or alliance and still get the Key Item message after defeating the NM.
    • These kills are not retroactive; you must defeat these after you have received the key item in order for it to count. This means the three Boreal notorious monsters fought for the Atop the Highest Mountains level cap quest must be defeated again.
    • Although some of these NMs appear in the Nyzul Isle Investigation Assault, defeating the NMs there does not count towards this quest. You must defeat them in their original habitat.
    • Party members get the battle data message as long as they are in the same zone. They do not have to engage the NM or be within experience point range.
  • After defeating all of these notorious monsters with the key item, return to Rakuru-Rakoru for your reward.

Historical Background

  • The reward (59630 gil) is a Japanese goroawase wordplay joke. Dropping the zero, the number is 5963, which when enunciated in Japanese, gives Go Ku Roku San, or "Gokuro-san", which generally means "someone who is hard working", or in some cases someone who has been manipulated into doing a difficult task.

Game Description

Rakuru-Rakoru (Holy Owen's Square, Lower Jeuno)
Rakuru-Rakoru from the Orastery wants you to collect research data by defeating all the monsters recorded in the Data Analyzer and Logger EX (Dale).

Game Script

The Miraculous Dale related video

The Miraculous Dale

The Miraculous Dale

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