Start NPC Rhinostery Door - Windurst Waters (S) (J-9)
Requirements Level 30
KeyItemBronze Ribbon of Service
Items Needed Mythril Beastcoin
KeyItemLynx Pelt
KeyItemLeather-bound Book
Repeatable No
Reward Scroll of Retrace


  • Travel to south Windurst Waters (S) and examine the right Rhinostery door (J-9 of the second map) for a cutscene.
    • Note: Make sure to examine the right door; examining the left door triggers a quest called Healing Herbs.
  • Bring a Mythril Beastcoin and travel to present-day Giddeus.
  • Head to the second map (underground level) and go through the Wistaria Doors behind Uu Zhoumo at (F-7).
  • Talk to Quu Bokye (optional).
  • Trade Quu Bokye a Mythril Beastcoin to obtain a KeyItemLeather-bound Book.
  • Return to the Rhinostery in Windurst (S), and click the southern door for another cutscene.
  • Go to the Optistery (F-8 on the first map) of Windurst (S) and examine the door for a cutscene.
    • Checking the door again repeats a shorter version of the same cutscene.
  • Travel to Meriphataud Mountains (S), and enter Castle Oztroja (S) at (K-8)/(L-8).
  • Locate the ??? at (G-8) on the first map. Examine it to obtain a KeyItemLynx Pelt.
    • Yagudo in this zone are aggressive to level 99. Be patient and wait for them to turn their backs if you cannot handle them and do not have a quick escape.
  • Bring a sheet of Vellum and return to the Optistery in Windurst Waters (S).
  • Trade the Vellum to the door for a cutscene.
  • Wait until the next game day. You do not need to zone.
  • Return to the Optistery in Windurst (S) for a final cutscene to receive your reward.

Game Description

Yoran-Oran (Rhinostery, Windurst Waters (S))
A book that Yoran-Oran borrowed from the Library of Magic was supposedly stolen and taken to Giddeus by the Yagudo.
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