Mission Name The Lost Avatar
Number 1-3-5
Reward Key ItemRhapsody in Azure
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Impurity Volto Oscuro
Replay Cutscenes
The Lost Avatar Goblin Footprint Yuhtunga Jungle (G-5)


  • Click the ??? near the water at (F-11) in Yuhtunga Jungle to view a cutscene with Zeid and Siren.
    • After the cutscene, you will have time to buff and call Alter Egos.
  • Click the ??? a second time for the fight with Siren.
    • She has very high defense, and poor resistance to magic. She is healed by wind elemental damage. Weak to piercing damage.
    • Uses Entice, a frontal cone Charm. This does not affect Trust NPCs, but they will be dismissed if charm takes effect on a soloing player. As a result, if you are soloing with Trusts, have at least one of them be the tank to turn Siren's attention away from you.
    • Uses Lunatic Voice throughout fight, make sure to bring a way to remove silence.
    • Uses Clarsach Call at 25% HP, an Astral Flow-like ability which does 900-1100 damage over a large area. Be prepared to mitigate this.
    • Recommended level of 90+ if solo (including with Trusts). If you have a consistent source of magic damage, you should have only moderate difficulty at level 75 (or possibly earlier).
    • Can be won as a 81 RDM/DNC with 4 trusts.
    • Note that Alter Egos will prioritize wind spells due to an error in their AI, causing them to heal Siren. Reverberation and Light skillchains will also cause Siren to be healed.
    • Can be won in extremis (14 minutes) as a 75 DRG/SAM with wyvern, 4 trusts (Trion, Teodor, Apururu, and Koru-Moru) and a 75 adventuring fellow (fierce attacker style). Artifact armor, best polearm, strength-boosting items and food, high merits, and constant use of certain abilities/skills as soon as they're available (Deep Breathing, Hasso, Jump, High Jump, Meditate, and Impulse Drive) should work, but you might have to retry several times (if things get out of hand, run to the nearby Grotto and zone, heal with your wyvern and fellow, and come back).
    • Despawns after 15 minutes.
  • Once Siren is defeated, click the ??? again for a cutscene and your reward.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Siren and the masked man attempted to conjure forth another vortex in Yuhtunga Jungle in a bid to cause Escha to spread further. Fight the winged beast and stop her before it's too late.