Start NPC Robel-Akbel - Windurst Waters (S)
Requirements Must be on the Crossroads of Time Mission.
Items Needed Key ItemDarkfire cinder
Key ItemLiquid quicksilver
Key ItemGelid sulfur
Key ItemBeastbane Bullets
Repeatable No
Reward Stellar Earring
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Mission: Crossroads of Time

Quest: A Feast for Gnats

The Forbidden Path


**Warning: There is no menu choice or cutscene at the door; the enemies pop right away. Be sure to buff, call trusts, etc. before interacting with the door.

  • There is no change of areas; the monsters spawn behind you and are aggressive.
  • The monsters despawn 3 minutes after losing aggro, so waiting out on weakness isn't an option here.
  • Count Furfur is immune to sleep and gravity. The other enemies are susceptible to sleep, but build resistance quickly.
    • Count Furfur becomes more difficult as the other monsters are killed. As he "rages", his TP gain and Triple Attack rate seem to drastically increase.
  • Poison Potions might be a good idea, as the Tartalos can cast Sleepga and Sleepga II.
  • The demons have high movement speed and cannot be kited. Furthermore, the range of the Confrontation restricts kiting room for the Tartalos.
    • Stun is helpful for interrupting their spellcasting.
      • You can not pull the mobs beyond a specific distance, i.e. to the opposite hypotenuse corner of the Square Plaza the fight partakes in - if so, then you will become out of range and forfeit winning. Though, as a strategy, others in your party that stay in range and do cause hate on the mob will receive the win IF staying within range. What this range is isn't currently known.
  • After the battle, examine the Warding Door for the final cutscene to complete the quest.
    • If your inventory is full, you must repeat the entire cutscene to receive the Stellar Earring. If you leave the zone without receiving the earring, you will have to repeat the fight.


See Player Testimonials and Strategies

  • Only one party can attempt this fight at a time. Any other parties in the alliance are unable to attack the enemies or assist the party that spawned the NMs with healing spells, etc.
  • The fight is trivial with iLvl gear. It took longer to call trusts than to kill the mobs!
  • Party members cannot be raised by anyone outside the party until after the monsters despawn.
  • Being in an alliance with a winning party does not give you credit for the win.
  • If you zone, log out, disconnect, or run out of the room where the NMs spawn during the fight you'll be unable to engage the NMs or help your party. You'll receive the warning "You have ventured too far from the field of battle." if you move too far away.
  • Party members not on "The Long March North" can participate in this fight if they are in your party when you examine the Warding Door.
  • EXP is lost on death during this fight.
  • If you fail the fight, simply check the door to begin the battle again. There is a short delay (5 minutes?) during which you will receive a warning that you should wait a moment and try again. If you see this after completing the fight, you did not get a clear, and should not check the door until you are ready for the fight again. (And if you missed a cutscene, you should get a different message.)
  • If you are KO'd at the end of the battle, it is possible that getting a Raise from someone not involved in the battle could cause you to lose your clear from the fight.

Game Description

Robel-Akbel (Windurst Waters (S))
Battered but not beaten, the Windurstian army steels itself for a grueling march north. The first leg of the journey takes you to San d'Oria, where you and your Cobra companions will learn what trouble lies brewing on the Valdeaunian front.