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The Little Shopkeeper
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Just about everyone who lives in Jeuno has seen the adorable little girl selling flowers in a corner of the Ru'Lude Gardens.

That Mithra girl is Dabih Jajalioh.

Though still just a kitten, Dabih Jajalioh is doing excellent business as a representative of the M & Ps Market. M & P's Market is, of course, the famous general store near the clock tower. They also have a branch in Kazham, on Elshimo Island.

Dabih Jajalioh shows up for work everyday. Her focus and dedication are a source of encouragement to others on the street. There are even rumors that she has fans who visit her on a regular basis.

The other day, an adventurer arrived with fresh news of Dabih Jajalioh. He reported that she had expanded her inventory beyond flowers.

I hadn't had the chance to see her lately, so I decided to pay her a visit.

Entering the Ru'Lude Gardens from Upper Jeuno and walking by the Auction House, I heard a familiar voice at the bottom of the stairs call out, "Hello therrre. I worrrk for the M&P Market. I'm still new, so I don't know much about selling stuff..."

Naturally, it was Dabih's voice. She waved happily when she caught sight of me. I waved back in reply, in spite of myself.

When I reached the bottom of the staircase, she was more than happy to show me her new and improved selection. She began to rattle off details of her business before I could even ask a question.

"Look! So many people have been buying from me that the ownerrr gave me morrre things to sell! I'm so happy! I'm going to sell more than I ever have beforrrre!"

I found her work ethic touching. I bought a lilac and one of the ogre pumpkins that she had just begun to sell.

The next day, I visited the M&P Market in Upper Jeuno and spoke to the owner, Champalpieu.

"She greatly enjoys dealing with the customers. Even in the most frigid temperatures, she will wait there at the bottom of the stairs to see who will pass by next. She is rather young, but her demeanor is that of a true businesswoman," he told me.

The Little Shopkeeper

Before returning to our offices, I stopped by Dabih's store again and bought another lilac.

I watched her deal with several other customers. A few adventurers stopped to buy flowers and pumpkins. She saw them off with a smile, then took a deep breath before shouting to the crowds again:

"Hello therrre, handsome! The M&P Market has a lot of useful items, just for you!"

Her cheery voice echoed over the Ru'Lude Gardens as the sun set.

With the continuing support of adventurers and the fine citizens of Jeuno, Dabih will most certainly grow up to be a fine businesswoman. I hope to see her when she does.

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune Issue No. 21

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