Mission Name The Light Within
Number 5-5-1
Title Granted Bringer of Hope
Reward 1000 EXP
Councilor's Garb
Councilor's Cuffs
Trust: Arciela
Your choice of any one of the following Seekers of Adoulin Rings:
Adoulin Ring
Weatherspoon Ring
Renaye Ring
Haverton Ring
Vocane Ring
Shneddick Ring
Woltaris Ring
Janniston Ring
Gorney Ring
Karieyh Ring
Thurandaut Ring
Orvail Ring
Repeatable No
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Undying Light Quest: The Curious Case of Melvien
Quest: No Mercy for the Wicked
Side Quest: Sinister Reign
Side Quest: The Ygnas Directive


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