Start NPC Datta - Rabao F-7
Requirements Selbina/Rabao Reputation 3?
Title Granted Kuftal Tourist
Repeatable No
Reward 8000 gil


  • Talk to Datta, who asks you to participate in a tour of Kuftal Tunnel.
  • Make a party of two members below level 40.
    • There is no level cap, so your actual job level must be level 40 or below.
    • Level Sync works on this quest. Thus, you only need one level 40 or below player in the party, and then Level Sync to his or her level.
    • You can avoid aggro by renting a Chocobo to get there, and, once inside the tunnel, the only monsters around are Lizards who do not aggro.
  • Travel to Kuftal Tunnel and examine the ??? that is just inside the entrance to get a cutscene with Hawk Nose. Your party must be close to the ??? in order to receive cs.
  • Then return to Datta to get another cutscene and finish the quest.

Game Description

Datta (Rabao)
You have been asked to participate in a tour planned by Datta. Travel to the cliff inside the entrance to the Kuftal Tunnel with a party of two people of level forty or less, then meet with Datta's partner, Hawk Nose.