Mission Name The Key to the Turris
Number 5-2-2
Title Granted Protected by Ulbukan Spirits
Repeatable No
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Returning to the Trees Teodor's Summons
Replay Cutscenes
The Key to the Turris Goblin Footprint Leafallia (H-8)
The Key to the Turris Goblin Footprint Ra'Kaznar Turris


  • Option #1
    • Head to Bivouac 2 in Yorcia Weald.
    • Go to (I-11) and examine the ??? target on the crystal and choose to beam up.
      • You must first defeat Yumcax in a Wildskeeper Reive to use this crystal.
      • There are other ways in via the crystals in other zones, but you must go through at least one Colonization Reive in Ra'Kaznar Inner Court to get to the Turris.
      • If you do not have the Naakual crests required to use the crystals, you'll have to take the long route, traversing all of Outer Ra'Kaznar and Ra'Kaznar Inner Court.
        • You will have to pass through two Colonization Reives in Outer Ra'Kaznar, and two Colonization Reives in Ra'Kaznar Inner Court to get to Ra'Kaznar Turris.
  • Option #2
    • Traverse Outer Ra'Kaznar. Take central elevator to Ra'Kaznar Inner Court and making your way to map 2 crystal.
  • You now appear in a deserted portion of Ra'Kaznar Inner Court. Examine the door at (I-8) and examine the Vertical Transit Device to enter Ra'Kaznar Turris. Make sure to register the homepoint crystal next to the entrance.
  • Head down the ramps and you will end up at a target called Ominous Postern. Examine it for a cutscene that ejects you to Kamihr Drifts and completes the mission.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Balamor provided an unexpected message during a surprise visit: the blood sigils are keys to entering Ra'Kaznar Turris, where Hades awaits. End his destruction of Ulbuka.