Mission Name The Key to the Turris
Number 5-2-2
Title Granted Protected by Ulbukan Spirits
Repeatable No
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Returning to the Trees Teodor's Summons


  • Head to Bivouac 2 in Yorcia Weald.
  • Go to (I-11) and examine the ??? target on the crystal and choose to beam up.
    • You must first defeat Yumcax in a Wildskeeper Reive to use this crystal.
    • There are other ways in via the crystals in other zones, but you must go through at least one Colonization Reive in Ra'Kaznar Inner Court to get to the Turris.
    • If you do not have the Naakual crests required to use the crystals, you'll have to take the long route, traversing all of Outer Ra'Kaznar and Ra'Kaznar Inner Court.
      • You will have to pass through two Colonization Reives in Outer Ra'Kaznar, and two Colonization Reives in Ra'Kaznar Inner Court to get to Ra'Kaznar Turris.
  • You now appear in a deserted portion of Ra'Kaznar Inner Court. Head to the central room and examine the Vertical Transit Device to enter Ra'Kaznar Turris. Make sure to register the homepoint crystal next to the entrance.
  • Head down the ramps and you will end up at a target called Ominous Postern. Examine it for a cutscene that ejects you to Kamihr Drifts and completes the mission.
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