Mission Name The Jester Who'd Be King
Number 8-2
Start NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Items Needed KeyItemManustery Ring
KeyItemOptistery Ring
KeyItemAurastery Ring
KeyItemRhinostery Ring
KeyItemOrastery Ring
KeyItemGlove of Perpetual Twilight
KeyItemPortal Charm or KeyItemRhinostery Certificate
Reward Rank 9
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Vain Doll of the Dead


Check the Gate of Darkness at (I-7) on the map of Inner Horutoto Ruins. It is the Southern door in the Southeast corner of the Rose Tower map.

After the cutscene at the gate, return to the Manustery and speak to Apururu for a final cutscene and the completion of the mission.


See the Video page.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The time for the Dark Dungeon jailbreak is at hand! At the request of the Manustery, you are to collect the ministry rings from all the five ministers.
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