Start NPC Irmilant - Rabao (G-7)
Requirements Selbina/Rabao Reputation ?
Items Needed Broken Lu Shang's Rod
Ancient Lumber
Light Crystal x2
Title Granted The Immortal Fisher, Lu Shang
Repeatable Yes
Reward Lu Shang's Fishing Rod


  • You first need to obtain a Broken Lu Shang's Rod before you may activate this quest.
  • It doesn't matter whether you break your own Lu Shang's Fishing Rod or buy a broken one.
  • Talk to Irmilant. He will offer to repair your rod. To do so, you must bring him one piece of ancient lumber and two light crystals.
  • Trade all four items to Irmilant and he will repair your Lu Shang's Fishing rod.

Game Description

Irmilant (Rabao)
Irmilant has said he will repair your broken Lu Shang's fishing rod. Along with the broken fishing rod, you must bring him a piece of ancient lumber and two light crystals.