«FFXI-Movie» 0198 DRG 1 - The Holy Crest

«FFXI-Movie» 0198 DRG 1 - The Holy Crest

Game Script

The Holy Crest - Port San d'Oria, Cargo Room A
Arminibit: You hear more and more talk of the Dragon King Ranperre these days. They say that his top vassal was a dragoon. I wonder what ever happened to all the dragoons...

Ceraulian: I heard that to become a dragoon, you had to make a pact with a living wyvern. However, thanks to the dragonslayers, there aren't that many dragons left.

Arminibit: The dragon slayers keep down the number of deadly dragons, but the number of dragoons can never go up. It's a sad, sad cycle.

Arminibit: They say that King Ranperre's top vassal, the "Last of the Dragoons," collapsed after a battle with a dragonslayer.

Ceraulian: I even heard a rumor that a new dragoon appeared in San d'Oria, but no one has ever seen him. Some even say that it is that Cyranuce locked up in the dungeons.

Arminibit: There's nothing to those rumors. If he really was a dragoon, why would he be in the Oubliette?

Ceraulian: You have a point...

The Holy Crest - Bostaunieux Oubliette
Novalmauge: Cyranuce? No, you'll not find him here. He is dead. His cellmate was a beastmaster, who somehow called forth a terrible creature and fled.

Chumia: His beast knocked a gaping hole in the wall, so he was home free. But Cyranuce's body was found underneath the creature. It's too bad... We could've saved him if we got here sooner!

Jurgenclaus: Yeah, I know.

Jurgenclaus: Rahal was jealous of his friend Cyranuce for becoming a dragoon. He set a trap for him, and saw him thrown into this very dungeon.

Jurgenclaus: That is how Rahal, the dragonslayer tainted with drakes' blood, seized the office of general. You knights were left in the dark.

Chumia: What!? Lies, all of it!

Jurgenclaus: Lies? well then, why was Rahal always coming to check on him? He was waiting for Cyranuce to kick the bucket wasn't he?

Chumia: No it can't be!

Jurgenclaus: And he couldn't wait to kill dragons and dragoons! Ahahaha!

Chumia: Why, you--!

Novalmauge: If you wish to learn of dragons, ask the archeologist, Oiheaurese, in the cathedral. He should know well their lore.

The Holy Crest - Northern San d'Oria, Cathedral
Morjean: What is this? You wish to learn of dragons? if only Doctor Oiheaurese were...
Oiheaurese walks in


Morjean: Doctor, this adventurer is inquiring about dragons.

Oiheaurese: Well, then our adventurer has come to the right place. First of all, young lad/lass, you must understand that where there are holy dragons, there exist dragons of evil as well.

Rahal walks in

Oiheaurese: Why, Sir Rahal. What gives us the honor of your presence here today?

Rahal: Nothing urgent, Doctor. I was just wondering if anything peculiar--any suspicious characters--had been spotted in this area recently.

Oiheaurese: No...nothing out of the ordinary, sir.

Rahal: I see... I just thought that...maybe the body of...his body

Rahal: Carry on.

Oiheaurese: Ahem! Now that he is out of the way, where was I?

Oiheaurese: Ah, yes. As I was saying, recently there has been a large drop in the number of dragons born in Vana'diel.

Oiheaurese: That is where you come in. There is a rumor that a wyvern has laid an egg in the Maze of Shakhrami.

Oiheaurese: I would like you to excavate the egg and protect it from the dragonslayers.

Oiheaurese: To prevent them from killing the wyvern while it is still young, we must get to the egg before they do.

The Holy Crest - Northern San d'Oria, Cathedral
Morjean: Ah, it is you. I am sorry to inform you that Doctor Oiheaurese is not available at the moment. Perhaps he has taken ill. His work keeps him up late into the evening.
Yachemidot walks in.

Yachemidot: Do you have business with the doctor? Well, he is currently away from the cathedral.

Morjean: And who might you be? I have not seen you around here before.

Yachemidot: My name is Yachemidot. I am what you would call a student of Doctor Oiheaurese.

Yachemidot: That egg? is that really from a wyvern?

Yachemidot: How would you like to try hatching that egg? The doctor had told me that it would be dangerous, but I would like to give it a try. Any true scientist would feel the same way.

Yachemidot: And I just happen to know how to do it. Are you willing to help? You want to see it hatch too, don't you?

Yachemidot: Wonderful! Take the egg and place it on the far eastern tip of Drogaroga's Spine located in the Meriphataud Mountains.

Yachemidot: If that wyvern has the holy crest, then there's a possibility that a new dragoon may be born!

The Holy Crest - Meriphataud Mountains
Yachemidot: <Player's Name>, is this not amazing?

Yachemidot: Behold! A dragon, after all this time...

Yachemidot: You have done well, <Player's Name>. Now step back.

Yachemidot: You are about to witness the rebirth of a true dragoon!

Yachemidot: Stay where you are! take a single step, and this dragon's life is forfeit...

Rahal: Cyranuce! I've come too late...!

Cyranuce: Ahahaha! How I've waited for this! The seal you have placed upon me is broken, Rahal Dragonslayer.

Rahal: So you still walk among us, Cyranuce!

Cyranuce: Hah! That half-witted beastmaster was the one crushed to death in the cell.

Cyranuce: With the blood of this infant wyrm, my transformation into full dragon form will be complete!

Rahal: Cyranuce... You will not become the dragon. The dragon will consume you...!

Rahal: Stay back! This wyvern will grow to maturity knowing only the need for revenge in its heart...

Rahal: Even though it has committed no sin, it is my duty as a dragonslayer to exterminate wyverns that bear the unholy sign.

Rahal: Hmm, this wyvern is rare, for it bears neither mark. ...However, it is not the only one I have encountered.

Rahal: I once witnessed the birth of a wyvern that was free of either sign. And the one person who forged a pact with that wyvern was my friend...Cyranuce.

Rahal: But as it grew, the unholy sign began to emerge. I stripped Cyranuce of his powers and locked him in the Oubliette, hoping it would slow down the wyvern's increasing hold on his spirit.

Rahal: It was all in vain... If only I had slain that wyvern when I had the chance! Now, I must finish off this creature to prevent the same tragedy from happening again!

Rahal: ...We may need its power in our search for Cyranuce.

Rahal: For the moment, I will give the care of this wyvern over to a friend of mine. He will nurse it back to health. But once we have tracked down Cyranuce, it dies by my hand. Understood?

Rahal: Cyranuce, I still believe in you... You must believe in me, too.

The Holy Crest - Chateau d'Oraguille
Rahal: Oh, it's you. Fear not; the precious dragon is not in danger. However, we have learned that Cyranuce is somewhere in the Ghelsba Outpost.

Rahal: If he is to be saved, a dragon curse remedy is necessary. Drinking this may help separate him from the dragon that is feeding on his soul. Here, you take one as well.

Rahal: I plan on traveling there as soon as I have made my preparations. There is no time to lose. With every passing moment, his soul is further devoured.

The Holy Crest - Ghelsba Outpost
Rahal: Wait!

Rahal: Something is odd about the dragon. We may soon be out of time. Leave this to me!

Rahal: Cyranuce! Are you all right?

Rahal: Alas! I am too late! <Player's Name>, go!

The Holy Crest - Ghelsba Outpost
Rahal: Cyranuce, are you all right? Hurry, take this!

Cyranuce: Rahal, such a thing is of no use. It cannot save me. I yearn to die, and I will take the dragon with me!

Rahal: No, Cyranuce! You must take it!

Cyranuce: Rahal, you of all people should know. By bringing it here, you proved you believed in me.

Rahal: Cyranuce...

Cyranuce: I knew you would come to save me. Though my death is near, I am glad.

Cyranuce: And you, <Player's Name>.

Cyranuce: And what of the dragon, Rahal? Are you to slay it?

Rahal: Yes, it must be done... To keep others from becoming like you.

Cyranuce: Hear my last wish! You must again believe in dragons, as we did long ago. Surely somewhere there is one of holy will!

Rahal: Cyranuce!

Cyranuce: Thank you, Rahal! Now, my time has come!

Rahal: What the--!

Rahal: No!

Rahal: How can this be!? The sign of holiness!

Rahal: You were right, Cyranuce. The dragoon born today shall inherit your purpose. Be at peace, my friend.

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