Mission Name The Hall of the Gods
Number ZM11
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The Temple of Desolation The Mithra and the Crystal
Replay Cutscenes
The Hall of the Gods Colleraie Norg (H-9)


  • Since you cannot seem to go any further in the Hall of the Gods, go back to Norg and talk to Gilgamesh. He will tell you to find a "Mithra named Mary or Maroo or somethin' like that," who is actually Maryoh Comyujah, Rabao (G-7), who was trying to sell a crystal once.

Note: This is the end of this mission. Continue to The Mithra and the Crystal.

Game Description

Mission Orders
A strange grate prohibits you from journeying deeper into the Hall of the Gods. The depression in the center may be the key to getting through. You should probably report this find to Gilgamesh.