Start NPC Izabele - Metalworks (G-8)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 1
To complete:
At least two party members.
At least one party member must be level 10 to 15 for Level Sync, or, all members must be level 1-15.
Title Granted Gustaberg Tourist
Repeatable No
Reward 500 gil
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None (See The Kuftal Tour)


  • Talk to Izabele to begin the quest.
  • Pair up with somebody else.
  • One of you must be level 10-15 if you want to use Level Sync to meet the level requirement. Remember that Level Sync does not work if the sync designee is below level 10. Alternatively, all party members can naturally be levels 1-15.
  • When everyone has the quest, go to North Gustaberg (west section) and talk to Hunting Bear near the falls to get a short cutscene that completes the quest.
    • There is some chance of aggro on the way to the falls, but it is easily killed if either of you are level 8+.
    • To actually complete the quest, Alter Egos won't work. The quest requires a real party member. However, after completing this quest, you can rewatch the cutscene with Hunting Bear at the Goblin Footprint in North Gustaberg. If you summon Alter Egos with Trust Magic and then rewatch this quest's cutscene, you can see your summoned Alter Egos in the cutscene.

Game Description

Izabele (Near Cid's Lab, Metalworks)
You have been asked to form a party with five other people of level fifteen and below to test Izabele's business idea. Your party is to make its way to Drachenfall in North Gustaberg where Hunting Bear, Izabele's partner, is waiting.
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