Start NPC Zaffeld, Eastern Adoulin (J-8)
Requirements Adoulin Reputation 5Verification Needed
Repeatable No
Reward 500 experience/limit points
1000 bayld
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Velkkovert Operations The Weatherspoon Inquisition


  • Talk to Zaffeld at J-8 in Eastern Adoulin for a cutscene in which Nashu asks you to go with him to Yorcia Weald.
  • Travel to (J-6) in Yorcia Weald (west side about 1/3 of the way up from the south border of the grid square) and examine the Occultist Footprints for a cutscene.
  • Travel to (G-10) in Marjami Ravine (northwest corner) and examine the Hostage Tent for a cutscene,
    • Enter the cave at (J-10). then climb at (I-10,11) and then enter the cave at (H-9) to get to the Hostage Tent.
  • Examine the Hostage Tent once more to spawn a Velkk Sentinel.
  • Defeat the Velkk Sentinel.
  • After defeating the Velkk Sentinel, click on tent for a cutscene then travel to (I-10) and examine Seat of Gramk-Droog for a final cutscene with Mligni-Vorgut and the Blackthorn Coven and your reward.

Game Description

Nashu (Exorcist Priory, Eastern Adoulin)
Nashu has gone to return the catalyst the Blackthorn Coven gave him and convince the trio to end their involvement with the Velkk. Accompany him to the showdown in Yorcia Weald.