Mission Name The Gates
Number 4-3
Title Granted Ulbukan Understudy
Items Needed Key ItemTuft of golden fur
Repeatable No
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Darrcuiln Morimar
Replay Cutscenes
The Gates Goblin Footprint Woh Gates (K-9)


  • Examine the Darkened Crevice at (G-8) in Woh Gates.
    • Party members must either possess a Key ItemTuft of golden fur or have already beaten the mission.
    • It is possible to enter solo, and Alter Egos can be summoned in the coming battle.
    • The battle starts automatically after about 60 seconds, so summon Alter egos quickly. It's possible to resummon them if you do not have hate.
  • Enter Cirdas Caverns (U) from the Darkened Crevice to battle several waves of Pustulous Umbrils.

The Battle

  • Buffs wear on entry.
  • Targets:
  • The waves begin 60 seconds after entering.
  • You are assisted by the following NPCs:
    • Arciela
      • Uses the following weapon skill: Dynastic Gravitas
      • Casts Haste, Protect V, and Shell V on herself, party members, and the other NPCs
    • Noble Warrior
      • Uses the following weapon skills: Into the Light, 12 Blades of Remorse, Vehement Resolution, Camaraderie of the Crevasse, Arduous Decision
    • Darrcuiln
      • Uses the following weapon skills: Starward Yowl, Howling Gust
    • Resolute Leafkin x3
      • They use standard Leafkin monster skills.
  • The NPCs can be buffed and healed with Blood Pact: Wards.
  • The battle automatically fails if Noble Warrior or Arciela falls, so keeping them alive is the top priority. It might hold true for the other NPCs, but they're unlikely to fall before himVerification Needed.
  • It still counts as a win if all players are dead, but the NPCs finish killing the monsters.
  • After the battle, you receive a cutscene with Arciela, Morimar, and Darrcuiln, and the next mission begins.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Chasing after Darrcuiln, you stumbled upon hordes of umbrils fighting leafkins. Who is the strange man fighting alongside the woodland creatures? Assist them in battle and find out the truth.