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The Furniture Boom
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One adventurer nods his head approvingly while singing the praises of his new furniture. "My Mog House was a cramped mess before, but all the new storage space has allowed me to really clean it up," he says.

"Maybe I'm imagining things, but it seems like I'm losing fewer materials when I bungle a synthesis," says an experienced craftsman. "I've gotten better at desynthesis--not that there was much room to get worse," laughs another.

Those who have noticed these small changes have two things in common. They all love furniture, and they noticed that their Moogles "have done something with the furniture collection."

As rumors spread among adventurers, furniture sales suddenly began to skyrocket.

But what has happened to our furniture? To find out, I spoke to Moogles from every country. Here's what they said:

"I'm so happy that my master has bought me more furniture to look after, kupo!" gurgled a happy Moogle in San d'Oria.

"I now understand the joys of furniture. And it's all thanks to Kupelcian, kupo!" enthused a Bastokan Moogle.

"One of my neighbors explained how to draw out the amazing powers locked within the furniture, kupo! Kupelcian is a genius, kupo!" explained a Moogle living in Windurst.

With so many Moogles speaking highly of Kupelcian, I decided to find out more about this individual. But the Moogle I asked seemed shocked at the question.

"Kupo? You don't know who Kupelcian is? For a reporter, you don't read much news... Kupelcian works at Justi's Furniture in Northern San d'Oria. No, he's not Elvaan, he's a Moogle, kupo!" he said.

I headed to Justi's Furniture to meet this esteemed contributor to the Moogles' knowledge of home furnishings.

The Elvaan woman at the counter frowned at my request to interview Kupelcian.

"Kupelcian is one of our craftsmen. He is working in the back at this very moment. I'm afraid that he is rather shy and more than a little bit--well, sensitive. He will not speak to someone he does not know. I myself have been working at this establishment for many years and he has only begun to acknowledge me. I am afraid that I cannot let him be disturbed," she said.

Refused an interview with the Moogle in question, I asked about the rumors surrounding Kupelcian.

"Our customers frequently enquire about that. Kupelcian loves furniture more than anyone else in the world. He seems to truly understand the essence of furniture. He does not speak frequently, however, so I cannot be sure," she said.

I gave my thanks and bade her farewell. As I turned to leave, she suggested that "Kupelcian's childhood friend Kupatchanon would know more."

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I was informed that Kupatchanon is the only Moogle that Kupelcian has opened up to. I visited the Mog House where Kupatchanon works and asked the master of the house for permission to speak with him.

"I'd like to talk about the recent furniture boom. Is it true that your long-time friend Kupelcian is behind this?" I asked.

"Yes, it's true. Kupelcian started the whole thing. I went to speak with him when my master's plants kept dying. Kupelcian gave me some unusual advice, kupo," replied Kupatchanon.

"He told me this: If you treat your furniture well, it will treat you well. Understand, kupo? See, furniture created by a dedicated craftsman has a soul, an elemental force. Talk to your furniture; listen to your furniture. It will lend you its power, kupo. Even the youngest Moogle can do this, kupo," explained Kupatchanon, as he carefully polished a large oak table.

Following this advice, he began talking to his furniture as soon as he returned home. It was not long before he started feeling the soul of the furniture. A plant withering away in a flowerpot in the corner suddenly burst back to life with a stunning bloom of flowers.

Kupatchanon also discovered another benefit. Talking to the different pieces of furniture revealed hidden storage space.

Suddenly, there was room to spare in what had previously been a full Mog Safe.

"Thanks to Kupelcian, my master's gardening troubles were over, kupo! And the Mog House is much neater, too. My master was very pleased. A Moogle's greatest resource is his friends, kupo!" he said.

He shared this newfound knowledge with his neighbors and friends back home. The Moogle network carried it from there and spread the information throughout Vana'diel in just a few days.

Even adventurers with no previous interest in furniture went scrambling to furniture stores and auction houses when they heard of the Moogles' little miracle. Carpenters also stepped up production so as not to be left behind in the rush to sell. This is the reason for the record jump in furniture sales at the auction houses.

Still, I can't help but wonder what Kupelcian himself would think of the furniture boom. He probably still spends his days talking to his furniture, unaware of the frenzy he has caused.

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune Issue No. 23

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