Start NPC Fondactiont Garlaige Citadel (S) (I-6) (1st map)
Requirements Level 30
KeyItemBrass Ribbon of Service
Items Needed KeyItemOrnate Package
Repeatable No
Reward Scroll of Recall-Pashh


  • Talk to Fondactiont in Garlaige Citadel (S) (I-6) (1st map) to activate this quest.
  • Travel to Grauberg (S).
  • The ??? is located at (G-6) down a waterfall on the map (the top of the waterfall is the most southern point of (G-6)), be mindful that there will be true sight Grauberg Hippogryphs. When you reach the waterfall be careful, it is easy to slip to the level below and miss the ??? making you go all the way back. Examine the ??? in the water to obtain the KeyItemOrnate Package. It is possible that you may find the ??? on one of the intermediate levels of the waterfall.
  • Return to Fondactiont to receive your scroll of Recall-Pashh.

Game Description

Fondactiont (Garlaige Citadel (S))
Fondactiont wants you to find and bring back an important package that he "dropped" into the river in Grauberg.
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