Start NPC Lehko Habhoka - Windurst Waters (S)
Requirements Wings of the Goddess
Items Needed Bottled Pixie
Key Item Scintillant strand
Key Item Refulgent strand
Key Item Irradiant strand
Any job testimony
Title Granted Karaha-Baruha's Research Assistant
Repeatable No
Reward Varies, see below
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The Long March North Mission: Crossroads of Time

Quest: Sins of the Mothers



Reward Jobs
Strength Potion WAR, MNK, DRK, SAM, DRG
Dexterity Potion THF, PUP, DNC
Vitality Potion PLD
Agility Potion RNG, NIN, COR, RUN
Intelligence Potion BLM, SMN, BLU, SCH, GEO
Mind Potion WHM, RDM
Charisma Potion BST, BRD

Game Description

Lehko Habhoka (Windurst Waters (S))
In his secret laboratory deep beneath Windurst, the genius Karaha-Baruha pores over ancient tomes, that he might once again summon the Great Beast in his nation's time of need. Deliver what he seeks to Velda-Galda by the gate to Windurst Walls!