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The Mog House Next Door
#2 The Flawless Layout
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[[{{SUBST:The Flawless Layout}}|   ]]

The Mog House Raiders continue their quest this week to expose unkempt Mog Houses and raise Moghancement awareness. But the situation has not changed--due to the strict laws of Conquest, the pair are not allowed to see inside anyone else's room. So again, they attempt to sneak past the careful watch of the Moogles...

The Mog House Raiders:

Liliana (AKA Lili)

Elvaan female

Her father is a famed furniture craftsman. She is not only versed in the value and layout patterns of furniture, but she also has a keen eye for current trends.


Tarutaru male

He is a researcher of elemental energy in furnishings. He possesses vast knowledge of Moghancements, but his personality leans towards the aggressive side.

Lili: So last time, we were forced to settle with screenshots, but there is really no substitute for seeing a room firsthand.

Paruda-Moruda: I agree. With screenshots, we can't do anything to correctaru any kooky-wooky layouts we may find.

Lili: Shall we go, then? We can probably catch the Moogles off their guard right now...

Paruda-Moruda: I'm on it.

Paruda-Moruda casts stun.

The Moogle is stunned.

Lili: The way is clear!

Moogle: Nooo! You can't go into other people's Mog Houses, kupo!

Paruda-Moruda: Hmm, the stun effect didn't last very long...

Lili: The Mog House Raiders have returned, little friend. Do you have new screenshots for us to peruse?

Moogle: An apology would be nice, kupo...

The Flawless Layout1.jpg

Moogle: Our first room today is that of a female Tarutaru monk from Windurst. Let's call her "F," kupo!

Lili: The tree is a little out of season, but the general ambience is quite nice.

Paruda-Moruda: The desk is a nice size for a Taru. There's a whole lot of white jars lined up there, but those seem to be a handy-wandy size as well.

Lili: White jars are specialty items that can only be bought in Windurst. They can be on the pricey side.

Moogle: If you keep those jars in your room, you might get a nice present from the Moogles, kupo!

Lili: Ah yes, it is true that when you set furniture in a Mog House, the Moogles sometimes find odd trinkets.

Moogle: Odd? Trinkets!? How could you say that! The masters usually jump up with joy when we find items, kupo!

Paruda-Moruda: White jars radiate a strong light energy. I'd say that with these jars and that mahogany bed, this adventurer is looking to get the experience Moghancement.

Lili: How does that work?

Moogle: When the adventurers are KO'd in battle, they lose a little less experience, kupo.
Lili: So it's not like they get more.

Paruda-Moruda: I suppose that's helpful for adventurers who plan on being KO'd a lottaru. Still, I like the way this room has its Moghancement well thought out.

The Flawless Layout2.jpg

Moogle: Next, we have the room of a male Hume samurai, again from Windurst, kupo!

Lili: An exorbitant number of flowerpots... Must be quite the cultivator...

Moogle: The master of this room grows his own Tarutaru rice to make the rice balls he loves to eat, kupo!

Paruda-Moruda: Self-sustenance is an admirable endeavor-weavor. Furthermore, he's filled the room with earth energy by setting strong sources like this maple table; this room is ideal for cultivation. Impressive, I must say.

Moogle: The cultivation Moghancement makes it so that the plants don't wilt as much, kupo.
Paruda-Moruda: But they DO still wilt-taru.

Moogle: Uh... Well, it's not a guarantee, kupo! The masters have to take a little responsibility too!

Lili: Ceramic, brass, earthen, porcelain... Every type of flowerpot is represented here. You can get better cultivation results when you use a flowerpot from the same region as the plant you are trying to grow. For instance, ceramic flowerpots are good for San d'Orian grapes, and earthen ones are from Windurst, so they're good for Tarutaru rice.

Paruda-Moruda: I'm surprised that you're so versed in the arts of the "simple folk."

Lili: I have a penchant for grape juice, and I used to grow them all the time. Of course, in my case, I had a luxurious oak table supporting my cultivation.

The Flawless Layout3.jpg

Moogle: The last room today belongs to a female Tarutaru white mage. We'll call her "I," kupo!
Paruda-Moruda: Umm...is this a suite at a five-star inn?

Lili: So much furniture...but all so beautifully laid out! It truly is a picture of perfection.

Paruda-Moruda: This room is strong in both light and water energy. Sometimes when there are strong sources of differing elemental energies, they'll cancel each other out, leaving the room with no Moghancement. This may be the case here.

Moogle: The master here dreams of inviting friends to her room one day. When I see her sitting all alone in here, it kind of makes me sad, kupo.

Lili: This really is a gorgeous room, but I can understand how living here alone would be a little... uncomfortable.

Paruda-Moruda: Well, there's a simple solution-wution to that. Lift the ban on visitors at Mog Houses.

Moogle: No, no! We can't do that, kupo!

Paruda-Moruda: It appears that the owners of the rooms we saw today have elemental energies well in mind. That's always good to see.

Lili: The layouts were nice as well. I guess that some adventurers do put some thought into designing their homes.

Moogle: Are you satisfied now, kupo? Well, if you are, then don't try to sneak into Mog Houses ever again, kup-- Paruda-Moruda casts silence.

The Moogle is silenced.

Moogle: Mghghhh....!

Paruda-Moruda: Just keep showing us screenshots, and we won't cause any trouble-wouble.

Lili: ...Like we're doing now?

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Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 04

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The Mog House Next Door
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