This is the second Monk Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF2.
Start NPC Oggbi - Port Bastok (E-6)
Requirements Monk 50+
Repeatable Yes, see Vingijard after AF is complete
Reward Temple Gaiters
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Ghosts of the Past True Strength and
Borghertz's Striking Hands



  • NOTE: You must zone after obtaining your artifact weapon (Beat Cesti) to flag this quest. If you changed jobs to complete Ghosts of the Past you must change your main job back to Monk.
  • Talk to Oggbi in Port Bastok inside the Steaming Sheep Restaurant located at (E-6). He will ask you to travel to Fei'Yin to meet Dalzakk.
    • Once the quest shows up in your quest log, you may feel free to change jobs to continue the quest with another job (preferably a higher leveled job).
  • Zone into Qu'Bia Arena and upon exiting back into Fei'Yin you will trigger a cutscene and receive Letter from Dalzakk (key item).
  • After that, head to Davoi and look for a 'Hide Flap' on one of the tents at (F-7).
    • Clear the area of any Orcs wandering around the area as they will link to the NMs once they are spawned, this can spell disaster, even for a job at level 75.
  • This triggers two NM Orcs to spawn: Bilopdop (MNK) and Deloknok (PLD).
  • Kill them and investigate the 'Hide Flap' on the tent again to receive the San d'Orian Martial Arts Scroll (Key Item).
    • If you are doing this quest as a party, each member gonna have to pop a new set of NMs before obtaining the Key Item. The cooldown timer seems to be about 4 minutes since the last party member got his KI.

Note: The 'Hide Flap' may have moved to another tent while you attack the NMs but will have re-popped within the same area. If this happens just examine the flap on the new tent to receive the key item. The second 'Hide Flap' spawns when you POP the two NMs, not when you KILL them, so if you have someone along who can take hate after the NMs are popped, it is not necessary to kill them. Also, do not try to examine the flap with a bunch or orcs hitting on you. The game might bug out with you not being able to move and not get the item either, resulting in death. The NM fight can be soloed at any level. Simply spawn the NMs with reraise on then die and wait for them to despawn, reraise then check the flaps without zoning.

Game Description

Oggbi (Steaming Sheep Restaurant, Port Bastok)
You have been asked to head to Fei'Yin and help Dalzakk, one of Oggbi's students, with his task.