Mission Name The Emissary
Number 2-3
Start NPC Any Bastok Gate Guard
Title Granted Certified Adventurer
San->Win route:
Warchief Wrecker
Black Dragon Slayer
Win->San route:
Dread Dragon Slayer
Reward Rank 3
Adventurer's Certificate
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Wading Beasts The Four Musketeers

Recommended: Level 35+ character or party at level 25.


Note: This mission requires a certain level of Rank Bar. Trade 1 crystal to a Conquest Overseer or talk to a Bastok Gate Guard to complete repeatable missions such as Wading Beasts up to several times.

San d'Oria to Windurst

Windurst to San d'Oria

Game Description

Mission Orders
Gather information on San d'Oria and Windurst. The Bastokan consulates in those two countries will provide you with a detailed briefing.
Mission Orders (San d'Oria -> Windurst)
Journey to San d'Oria
Go to the highest camp in the Ghelsba Outpost and defeat Warchief Vatgit.
Journey to Windurst
Go to the deepest level of Giddeus and destroy the terrible beast terrorizing the Yagudo.
Mission Orders (Windurst -> San d'Oria)
Journey to Windurst
Go to Heavens Tower and acquire the magic sword to be offered to the Yagudo. Switch weapons at the consulate before taking it to the treasure chamber in Giddeus.
Journey to San d'Oria
Investigate the Yughott Grotto deep inside the Ghelsba Outpost.
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