Start NPC Elki - Bastok Mines (H-5)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 3
Title Granted Pursuer of the Truth
Repeatable No
Reward Small Sword
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Hearts of Mythril None


Palborough Mines

  • Talk to Elki. (You must zone between this quest and Hearts of Mythril.)
  • Go to Palborough Mines and take the elevator at I-8 to the third floor.
  • Make your way to the LEFT side of the split chamber to the west. But you can't just go west. That would be too easy. See map, to notice how you have to thread your way through an obscene amount of dead ends.
  • At the line between H-7 and H-8 examine the Old Toolbox and obtain the Old Toolbox (key item).
  • Return to Bastok and talk to Elki. (Quickest way back, is to take the one-way boat, near top of elevator. Again, see inset map on this page).
  • Talk to Babenn at (J-6) to receive the reward of a Small Sword.
  • (Optional) After completing Beauty and the Galka, return to Parraggoh for additional dialoge.

Game Description

Elki (Bat Lair Inn, Bastok Mines)
Elki wants you to find information regarding the identity of the eleventh Palborough Pioneer. You might be able to find some hints in the mines themselves.