Start NPC Ranpi-Monpi - Abyssea - Grauberg (L-6) (Third Encampment)
Requirements KeyItemWivre egg
Repeatable Yes (after zoning)
Reward 200-400 Cruor (100-200 cruor for each completion after the first.)

Possibly one of the following: (???%)
Estoqueur's Seal: Body
Goetia Seal: Body
Iga Seal: Body
Lancer's Seal: Body
Unkai Seal: Body


  • Warp to Conflux #08 and head northeast through the Stygian Djinn and possibly the Assailer Chariot (true sound).
  • Talk to Ranpi-Monpi at (L-6) near the east wall to start the quest.
  • Once the quest is flagged, examine an Earthy Mound to receive the KeyItemWivre egg. Confluxes can be used to move around until you examine an Earthy Mound and acquire the KeyItemWivre egg.
    • One can be found near the border of (H-8) and (I-8). This egg is worth 200 cruor (400 on first completion) and may award a seal.
    • Another is found at (J-10), next to Conflux #03. This egg is worth 200 (400 on first completion) cruor and may award a seal.
    • A third is found at (J-6). This egg is worth 100 cruor (200 on first completion) and will not award a seal. Exclamation
  • After collecting the KeyItemWivre egg, return to Ranpi-Monpi (L-6) without damaging the egg.
    • Being attacked by any monster will break the egg.
    • Using a conflux will break the egg.
    • You will not receive a message or lose the key item when it is damaged. It is possible that your first warning will be when you fail the quest.
    • Conditions that might also cause the egg to break:
      • Being aggroed by a monster without being hit Exclamation
      • Talking to NPCs en-route (such as Eight of Clubs, or using a Martello) Exclamation
      • Taking too long Exclamation
      • Random egg break

Game Description

Ranpi-Monpi, culinarian extraordinaire, requires that you bring a fresh wivre egg from within the nesting grounds. Take extra care that the fragile egg is not damaged during transportation.
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