Mission Name The Echo Awakens
Number 2
Level 25-30
Items Needed Seedspall Lux
Seedspall Luna
Seedspall Astrum
Repeatable Yes, for Key ItemCrimson Key
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A Crystalline Prophecy (Mission) Gatherer of Light (I)
Replay Cutscenes
Gatherer of Light (pt.1) Goblin Footprint Qufim Island (I-11)


Ffxi 2011.06.19 20.44.41.png

  • Trade the 3 Seedspalls to the ??? located between the two rock pillars at the eastern edge of (G-6) in Qufim Island for the next cutscene.
    • ??? is located just north of the path leading to (H-6), between there and the coast at (G-6).



Game Description

Mission Orders
The primordial crystal appeared over Jeuno, its otherworldly light raining down from the heavens upon the forests, marshlands, and mountains. A mysterious young boy would have you recover that light and bring it to Qufim Island. Will you heed the call?