[[{{SUBST:The Dreamers Dash for Glory!}}|   ]]
The Dreamers Dash for Glory!
[[{{SUBST:The Dreamers Dash for Glory!}}|   ]]
[[{{SUBST:The Dreamers Dash for Glory!}}|   ]]

This time around, the Dreamers try their hands at the Lost Chocobo game. The goal is to help out the choco-gals by delivering a chocobo to the stables of its home nation. Which member of the Dreamers can reach the destination the fastest?

The Dreamers

Selfeilliget (AKA Sel)

BST Lv60/NIN Lv30

The leader of the Dreamers. Has some management issues.


Abalard (AKA Aba)

NIN Lv74/WAR Lv37

Fulfills his role admirably, but can occasionally be over-the-top.


Feneinei (AKA Fen)

BLM Lv54/WHM Lv27

The only reliable mage. Lifeline of the party.


Yai (AKA Yai)

RNG Lv53/NIN Lv16

Novice adventurer. Still unaccustomed to party battles.


Bernwart (AKA Bern)

DRK Lv52/BLM Lv18

Troublemaker extraordinaire.


Birp (AKA Birp)

PLD Lv50/NIN Lv25

Rookie reporter. Author of this article.

Responding to Sel’s emergency summons, the Dreamers promptly gathered in Windurst Woods.

Sel called the team to Windurst
without an explanation

Bern: Long time no see, guys and gals!

Sel: Hey! I’m supposed to get the first word!

Fen: Calm it down, guys!

Sel: This is so wrong…

Birp: Anyway, why’d you call us all here?

Bern: Ugh, this place reeks of chocobo!

Sel: Well, um, you see, that’s because...

Bern: Oh yeah, I get it! We’re gonna do the chocobo race!

Sel: Stop taking all my lines!

Birp: I didn’t even know you could race chocobos…

Fen: Actually, we’re just going to be returning lost chocobos to the stables in their home nations. We can compare our times at the end, though!

Sel: You’re taking my lines again...

Birp: Oh, I get it! We’re going to compete and see who gets the best time, right?

Bern: Yeah, that’s it!

Sel: Guuuys! Let me get a word in, too!

After so generously explaining the details of the Lost Chocobo game, Sel announced the route we were going to take: Windurst to San d'Oria.

Sel: Regardless of the order we arrive in, those with outstanding times will receive a special prize from the choco-gal.

Yai: Hmmm, I wonder what that could be…

Fen: I heard that a page from Miratete's Memoirs is among the prizes.

Bern: I’m gonna use my item as soon as I get my hands on it!

Sel: Who says you’re going to get something?

Birp: Don’t count your chocobos before they hatch.

Aba: I’m the best here, anyway.

Sel: Riiight. You’re all bark and no bite.

Aba: Hmph, look who’s talking.

Birp: Hey everyone, how about we take all that energy and use it in the race?

Bern: Heheh!

Fen: …And what are you laughing at?

Bern: Just thinking about my moment of victory.

Sel: Just ignore him. Let’s start. We needn’t all start at the same time, so just talk to a choco-gal when you’re ready. When you reach the goal, tell the rest of us your time.

Sariale the Choco-gal

Would you be so kind as to deliver this chocobo to the kingdom stables in Southern San d’Oria? Oh, thank you so very much! You shall be rewarded by our associates upon delivery of the chocobo.

Sel: All right, it’s time for some action!

Fen: Let’s go!

Aba: Finally.

Birp: Okay!

Yai: All right!

Bern: Heheh!

On your marks, get set… Go!

Sel: I’m in the lead! I’m in the lead!

Fen: First, we better check our route.

Aba: Haha, good idea.

Yai: Which way is fastest?

Birp: Let’s consult the map.

Bern: Yee-haw!

The time it takes to get from one place to another by chocobo depends entirely on the knowledge and skill of the rider. There are many difficult questions to consider. How does one choose a route? Can the rider skillfully maneuver the chocobo and avoid any monsters obstructing the path? The rider’s response to these questions determines the time. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how each member of the Dreamers plans to compete.
Sel gallops with flair but chooses

speed over strategy

Sel gallops with flair but chooses
speed over strategy


Battle Plan: Dash first, ask questions later.

Choose the shortest-looking course without thinking too hard, dodging monsters and other obstacles with effortless grace.


Battle Plan: Go with the flow.

Objectively analyze the fastest member among the other five Dreamers. Of course, that means targeting Fen and following.


Battle Plan: Self-improvement.

I’ve played the Lost Chocobo game several times and I know the routes by heart. My amateur rivals don’t stand a chance, so I’ll just ignore them and aim to top my personal best time instead.


Battle Plan: Huh? We need a plan?

This is my first time playing the Lost Chocobo game, and I’m so nervous I can’t stop shaking. I think I’ll just follow behind someone else…


Battle Plan: Top secret.

I have a foolproof plan to get the best time! The details are top secret, but I’m nice, so I’ll give you a hint: The shortest route is always the best!


Battle Plan: Slow and steady wins the race.

I’m not very skilled at chocobo riding and I’m not very familiar with the geography of the areas around Windurst, so I’ll just keep checking the map, moving forward at a steady pace, and try my best to catch up with everyone in the second half.

Racing Through Tahrongi Canyon

Yai lets her luck ride on tailing Bern

Sel: There’s no choice but to drop from the cliffs and take the long route!

Bern: I’m gonna take a shortcut!

Yai: There’s a shortcut?

Fen: I don’t think so... Did you find something new?

Yai: I’m gonna follow him and see.

Birp: Let me just take a look at the map here...

The race ended after night had fallen.

Winner (28 minutes, 3 seconds)

Fen: Yaaay!!!

Runner Up (28 minutes, 6 seconds)

Aba: I aaalmost had it...!

Fen: Weren’t you just following me the entire time?

Third Place (30 minutes, 17 seconds)

Sel: Why am I not in first!?

Fourth Place (30 minutes, 44 seconds)

Birp: Pretty much what I expected.

Retired (arrives on foot)

Yai: Where did my chocobo go all of a sudden?

The Dreamers Dash for Glory!4.jpg

Sel: How could the San d’Orian stables be so cruel? All they gave me was Gysahl Greens!

Fen: I got a page from Miratete's Memoirs!

Aba: Hey, me too!

Birp: Anyway, I wonder what happened to Bern. I haven’t seen him yet.

Fen: Hmm...

Aba: You don’t think he got lost trying to cheat, do you?

Yai: He was with me until we reached the Buburimu Peninsula...

Sel: Buburimu? Don’t tell me he went to Mhaura!

Aba: Think he tried to get a ride on the ship?

Birp: Doesn’t that take even more time?

Fen: Well, he can’t enter the town riding a chocobo in the first place.

Sel: I’m not gonna look for him. He got what he deserved!

Presently on the La Theine Plateau...

Bern: Yes! Got another chocobo at the Crag of Holla! Get ready, San d’Oria! Bern’s comin’ at ya!

Today’s Lesson: Cheaters never prosper.

Well, there you have it. The Lost Chocobo game, pushing adventurers to strive against each other for every second that may count. Adventurers can now confirm the time for each route, and many have become eager to try out more difficult courses.

Hopefully this report will be helpful to those who have yet to challenge the Lost Chocobo game!

[[{{SUBST:The Dreamers Dash for Glory!}}|   ]]

Taken from: Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 12

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