Start NPC Ratihb - Aht Urhgan Whitegate (J-12)
Items Needed Lamian Fang Key, Bag of Gold Pieces
Title Granted None
Repeatable No
Reward Random Ring


Aht Urhgan Whitegate > Nashmau:

Nashmau > Caedarva Mire > Arrapago Reef:

  • Talk to Jijiroon in (H-8) for another cutscene. You gamble again with Yadhiwa, this time you can wager Courage, Passion, or Innocence. She wins again.
    • NOTE: Before you leave Nashmau, ensure you have a good supply of Echo Drops for the NM fight.
  • Exit to Caedarva Mire and if don't have one, obtain a Lamian Fang Key.
    • You can get a key from a ??? in Caedarva Mire (H/I-7), in a small crevice behind a Jnun.
    • It also can drop from a Reserve Draugar in Caedarva Mire
  • At (I-6) zone into Arrapago Reef map 1 and open the first Iron Gate @ J-10 using the Lamian Fang Key .
  • Travel over the Corsair ??? quest ship and travel down onto land; cross over two bridges and you'll be on the West shore (G-10) (West of the Puppetmaster ??? quest ship).
  • Head West to F-10 and cross two more bridges; the first bridge is the start of Arrapago Reef map 2 (K-11).
  • "The Die Is Cast" quest ??? is @ K-10 at the water's edge on map 2 of Arrapago Reef.

[Arrapago Reef Map 2]

    • >>Caution!<< If Bukki (Imp) is already out and hovering over the ???, wait for it to disappear before you approach the ???.
  • Check the ??? for a cutscene with Yadhiwa and an Imp. She will ask for your help. (Wait for everyone who needs this cutscene to finish viewing it before continuing.)
  • When you are ready for the fight, check the ??? to spawn Bukki (Imp) (Checks as Impossible to Gauge; but approximately level 70).

NM Battle Notes

  • To avoid low HP aggro from the undead nearby, fight at the ??? area - near the water's edge.
  • Ensure you cast buffs before spawning Bukki as it will use Deafening Tantara(AOE Silence) immediately and frequently during the battle. Echo Drops is a must for everyone who casts spells (including NIN/??? and ???/NIN).
  • Bukki uses Manafont.
  • Low damage dealing capability for an imp, but high damage resistance among its family.
  • When Bukki gets low on HP, it will begin to spam Frenetic Rip. (May NOT Use provided its horn doesn't break)

After the Fight

Aht Urhgan Whitegate:

  • Talk to Ratihb again for final cutscene with Balajaha to complete the quest; you'll receive a Random Ring as a reward.

Game Description

Ratihb (Shararat Teahouse, Aht Urhgan Whitegate)
Yadhiwa cheated Balajaha out of a large sum of money. Help him get back the gold he lost to her crafty devices.