Start NPC Cait Sith - Walk of Echoes
Requirements Champion of the Dawn completed
Items Needed Key ItemBreath of dawn x1
Title Granted Light of Dawn
Repeatable Once per Earth day
Reward Choice of one of the following:
Cait Sith summoning spell or
Nesanica Torque or
Nesanica Belt or
Nesanica Ring or
10,000 gil
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Champion of the Dawn None


The battle

This battle is identical to the previous quest.

  • Time limit: 15 minutes
  • Buffs wear on entry.
  • Alter Egos may be called forth inside the battlefield.
  • Target: Cait Sith (NM)
  • If you fail the fight, you must reobtain one of the key items to try again.
    • To re-obtain key item, examine the Regal Pawprints target outside the Ornate Door first, then travel to any of the previously acquired key items.
  • Information Needed

Game Description

Cait Sith (Walk of Echoes)
Challenging Cait Sith again requires another visit to either Ronfaure, Jugner Forest, or Beaucedine Glacier in the Shadowreign Era to gather a breath of dawn.