Mission Name The Cursed Temple
Number 2-6-5
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Past Imperfect Wisdom of Our Forefathers


Temple of Uggalepih Composite

Composite Map

Note: Bring some form of Teleport-Dem, Teleport-Holla, or Teleport-Mea to speed things up when you are finished here.


Map 1

  • Pass through the Granite Door at (J-7) on Map 1, and take the path hidden on the in-game map. Exit to Yhoator Jungle to be on the balcony of the temple. Take a hard right (no stairs needed) to loop back into a different hallway, allowing you to reenter the temple through the other door available on this balcony.

Map 3

Game Description

Mission Orders
Gilgamesh has pointed you toward the Temple of Uggalepih, where you should be able to find clues. Depending on your current progress in Rise of the Zilart, there may be some things you must take care of first.
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