«FFXI-Movie» 0070 San 3-2 - The Crystal Spring

«FFXI-Movie» 0070 San 3-2 - The Crystal Spring


The Crystal Spring
San d'Orian Gate Guard: Welcome back! I have an important mission for you this time. Recently, land is eroding due to crystal formation...and it's getting worse.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: There is a small spring on the eastern edge of Jugner Forest, called Crystwater Spring. We must know what effect crystal formation has on the wildlife there.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: I want you to get me a fish from the spring. And not just any fish! You need to get a Crystal Bass.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: That is all. You'll take the mission then?

Take the mission?

  • Say Yes.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: Ah, that reminds me--have you any fishing gear? You'll need some for this mission.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: There are people about that know a thing or two about fishing, should you need help finding and choosing your gear.

The Crystal Spring
You trade the Crystal Bass.

San d'Orian Gate Guard: Hello there. Now's not the time for missions; Chateau d'Oraguille has been visited by bandits!

San d'Orian Gate Guard: You must make haste to Chateau d'Oraguille! Find Lady Curilla, general of the Temple Knights!

The Crystal Spring (Hall) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Halver: So, you're saying nothing was actually taken?

Curilla: That is right, Lord Halver. I can see ransacking our treasure vaults, but the chambers of Leaute I d'Oraguille? What could they have been after?

Halver: The chambers are as they were when the queen passed away. Might she have left something of importance?

Curilla: Her jewelry all went untouched. It is possible that the thieves mistook the queen's chambers for another room.

Halver: Hmm. However, it has come to my attention that a copy of the castle floor plans has been circulating outside the castle.

Halver: If the thieves possess these floor plans, then perhaps they have motives other than just stealing treasure.

Curilla: That may be true. But even with a copy of the castle floor plans, it would take a skilled thief indeed to hide from all the guards in the chateau.

Curilla: And according to the gardener, our visitors were a party of two Elvaans...

(Shamonde enters the room and walks up behind them.)

Shamonde: It has come to my attention that thieves have ransacked the queen's chambers. Inform me immediately of what was stolen!

Halver: Please be at ease, Your Holiness.
The Temple Knights have determined that the thieves stole nothing from the chateau.

Shamonde: Preposterous!
If so, why did the thieves enter in the first place? Maybe the queen had something hidden...

Curilla: Pardon me, Your Holiness, but what do you mean by "something"?

Shamonde: If I knew, I wouldn't be asking you! But thieves would not enter without a purpose!

Halver: Of course, Your Holiness. I will order the Temple Knights to continue their investigation, and have them inform you if they find anything.

Shamonde: I shall be waiting for your report. Hmph! Not even the Goddess Altana will forgive such a crime!

(As Shamonde leaves, you pass him walking into the room.)

Curilla: Hmm? It seems as if we have a visitor.

Curilla: You were sent to stop the thieves? Well, as you can see they have escaped.

Curilla: Considering we know nothing of the thieves, it would be futile to send out a search party.

Curilla: However, an adventurer such as yourself would have connections in many more places than we.

Curilla: Inquire with the gardener. He is the only one who saw the thieves. He may tell you something of importance.

The Crystal Spring (Garden) - Chateau d'Oraguille
Chalvatot: Ah, I know you. You're that adventurer Player name. You want to know about the thieves that broke into the queen's chambers?

Chalvatot: Well, I didn't see anything special. All I saw was two suspicious lookin' Elvaan. When I yelled at 'em, they ran off. That be all.

Chalvatot: But I swear I seen me one before... The one with blue armor...

Claidie: Chalvatot, what has happened in my mother's chambers?

Claidie: When I went to give some water to the flowers, I passed by some Temple Guards.

Chalvatot: I am so sorry, Your Highness! Last night, some thieves broke into the late queen's chambers!

Chalvatot: And to make matters worse, the scoundrels are still on the loose! Oh, what has become of the once mighty Chateau d'Oraguille?

Claidie: I--I do not know what to say...

Claidie: I knew something was wrong when I found my mother's diary in a strange place...

Chalvatot: Your Highness? You say you saw something out of the ordinary?

Claidie: Chalvatot, something is amiss... Could you please come to my chambers later?

Claidie: Farewell, Sir/Lady Player name. May you find the thieves that disgraced our great kingdom.

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