«FFXI-Movie» 0080 RDM 1 - The Crimson Trial

«FFXI-Movie» 0080 RDM 1 - The Crimson Trial

Game Script

The Crimson Trial (pt.1) - Southern San d'Oria
Sharzalion: How dare you eavesdrop on me! What do you want?

Valderotaux: Now, now. Give it a rest, Sharz. I'm sure there is an explanation for this. Well, sir/madam? Let's hear it.

Sharzalion: Oh, never mind. Say, you are a red mage, like me. I have a tale you may wish to hear, but I shall not tell it for free.

Sharzalion: Well, I've heard that in Davoi they store their riches in many different vaults. I seek to borrow some Orcish dry food from them, you see.

Sharzalion: Would you mind running this errand for me? Only then I shall tell you my tale. I guarantee it will be worth your while.

Sharzalion: That's the spirit, my friend. Now, head to Davoi and search the Orcs' storage holes.

Sharzalion: The malicious Orcs dig false ones, and often move their treasure from hole to hole as well. Never assume it will stay in one place for long!

The Crimson Trial (pt.2 - Southern San d'Oria
Sharzalion: Excellent form, my friend. I am impressed.

Valderotaux: Well, I'll be! She's got more talent than you I dare say.

Sharzalion: My dear sir, will you not hush? I wish to tell my tale. First, are you the daring type?

Sharzalion: Hmph. Only the meek say such things.

Sharzalion: At any rate, my tale takes place in the church. Something is sometimes sighted there.

Sharzalion: What is, you ask? How obtuse! I speak of course of a spirit, a ghost! Have you not felt it so, by the look of the interior there?

Sharzalion: So, after learning of the rumors, I went to investigate.

Sharzalion: The catacombs underneath the structure were so frightening, even I was taken aback.

Sharzalion: But it scared me not, for seen I paid it no heed.

Valderotaux: Well? Did you find it or not?

Sharzalion: Why, you--! Silence please. At least until the end.

Sharzalion: Anyway, I thought I might as well say a prayer, so I walked before the altar.

Sharzalion: And then, I felt my skin crawl. I tried to spin around, but I could not move!

Sharzalion: Ever I felt it creep closer. But I heard not a footstep!

Valderotaux: Hmm.

Sharzalion: Still I felt it draw closer, so I summoned all my strength to turn and look behind me.

Sharzalion: And I saw it right there! Right next to me!

Valderotaux: Was it floating in the air?

Sharzalion: Yes, and not only that, it wore a fine suit of armor. Obviously it was no mortal person, for I could see right through it.

Valderotaux: Thank heavens you're alive!

Sharzalion: Yes, well... Ere long it disappeared, surrendering but a glimpse to me. Yet that was enough, for I knew who it was.

Sharzalion: It was Rainemard.

Valderotaux: Rainemard? Yes, I've heard that name. Say, he was a red mage, like you! Ah, those were the days...

Sharzalion: This is no time to reminisce! Have you forgotten how he died? Surely he has come for revenge.

Valderotaux: Come to think of it, Rainemard had a daughter, didn't he? What was her name again?

Sharzalion: Did he? That I did not know. Pray tell, Valdero, who was she?

Valderotaux: Oh... I can't remember. Many an age has passed since those days.

Sharzalion: I see. Well, so ends my tale. What, you didn't like it? Forgive me! Rarely are ghost stories told well. At any rate, this is for you.

Valderotaux: Wait, I remembered her name! The daughter of the red mage Rainemard!

Sharzalion: It's about time. Well, tell us, then!

Valderotaux: It was Curilla... Yes, Curilla was her name. I remember Rainemard watched over her well.

Sharzalion: Curilla? Hmm... Curilla... I've heard that name before.

Sharzalion: Wait, the maiden general was named Curilla! Yes, she would be about that age, too. Who would have thought that she was Rainemard's daughter!

Valderotaux: It must be a terrible hear your father's spirit still wanders.

Sharzalion: Truly!

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