This is the first Red Mage Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF1.
Start NPC Sharzalion - Southern San d'Oria (K-6)
Requirements Red Mage Level 40+
Items Needed Davoi Storage Key
KeyItemOrcish Dry Food
Repeatable Yes, after AF is complete.
Reward Fencing Degen
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None Enveloped in Darkness


  • Talk to Sharzalion at the bar in the Lion Springs Tavern. He wants some KeyItemOrcish Dry Food.
  • To get this food, you need to get a Davoi Storage Key to open the Storage Hole which spawns randomly about Davoi.
    • You need to start this quest while being a Red Mage. It is not necessary to be on Red Mage for the NM to spawn. You only need to have the quest flagged.
  • Enter Davoi from Jugner Forest and defeat Purpleflash Brukdok around the western half of (E-9)/(F-9) to obtain a Davoi Storage Key.
    • Purpleflash Brukdok spawns around the western half of (E-9) / (F-9) when you enter the zone with the RDM AF weapon started. VERY IMPORTANT: you must travel down the river to get to this point. Get down to the river at (J-10) and follow it north and west to (D-8).
    • There are a few orcs on the way that aggro even at 75.
    • Additionally, all nearby orcs link when fighting the NM.
    • Note: coming /NIN for the NM greatly helps.

Storage Hole

  • The Storage Hole spawns randomly around Davoi, so hunt around until you find it. There are patterns on the ground which identify potential spawn positions. The patterns look like someone stretched animal skins over a hole in the ground, except that they are the same colors as the ground. There are 4 "skins" in a pattern forming a rough circle divided into 4 quadrants with a fifth small "skin" covering the middle. Trade the Davoi Storage Key to it to receive the KeyItemOrcish Dry Food. The location changes each game day. May respawn in the same spot after the Davoi Storage Key is used.
    Davoi (Fixed Storage Holes)

    Some Storage Hole Locations

    • Some known locations of the Storage Hole are at (E-10), (F-6), (F-7), (F-9), (G-9), (G-10),(I-7), (I-8), (J-7), (K-7), (K-8), (K-9),(K-10), and another at (J-8). There are other locations it can spawn in, anywhere on the map.
    • The Storage Hole at (H-8), previously thought unreachable without running through Monastic Cavern, CAN be reached from the river below. Running through Monastic Cavern is not necessary.
    • After the Storage Hole has been used by a RDM, it will immediately respawn somewhere in Davoi; you don't have to wait until the next Vana'diel Day.
  • Once you have obtained the KeyItemOrcish Dry Food, return to Sharzalion to receive your Fencing Degen.

Game Description

Sharzalion (Lion Springs Tavern, Southern San d'Oria)
Retrieve some Orcish dried food from a storage hole in Davoi. Sharzalion will let you in on something in return.
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