Start NPC Sylvie
Requirements Level 90+ Geomancer
Title Granted Storied Geomancer
Repeatable No
Reward Geomancy Pants and
Up to 10,000 Bayld (See Walkthrough)
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The Bloodline of Zacariah Geomancer Relic Armor Quests
Saved by the Bell


  • Speak to Sylvie in Western Adoulin as a level 99 Geomancer for a cutscene with Sylvie.
    • You must wait one game day after completing the previous quest to begin this quest.
  • Speak to Nhili Uvolep in Eastern Adoulin for another cutscene and Key ItemLhaiso Neftereh's bell. You can change jobs after receiving the key item.
    • WARNING - If using Windower, you may get locked in the cutscene with a black screen. Simply log on normally through the official launcher to complete the cutscene. It is possible unloading the add-on Enternity causes this problem. Please, consider unloading it (lua unload enternity) during this cutscene.
    • Those assisting the Geomancer(s) will not be in possession of the Key ItemLhaiso Neftereh's bell. As a one time reward for their services, they will receive up to 10,000 baylds. The actual number depends upon either the number of players assisting in the defeat of the Ancestral Rage or the number of players assisting in the defeat who have never received this bayld reward.
  • Travel to M-8/9 in Cirdas Caverns and examine the Overgrown Grave for a cutscene.
  • Examine the Overgrown Grave again to spawn an Ancestral Rage NM.
    • This NM is a byrgen elemental (earth and darkness) with very high physical damage reduction.
    • Casts high level Earth and Darkness magic including Sleepga II, AOE Drain, and AOE Aspir.
    • Can use Entomb (AoE Earth damage, Slow, Petrify, and Hate Reset) and Tenebral Crush (AoE Darkness damage, Defense Down).
    • Wind and Light damage is very effective and speeds up the fight considerably.
  • After defeating the Ancestral Rage, examine the Overgrown Grave again for a cutscene.
  • Return to Sylvie for a last cutscene, your reward, and title.

Game Description

Sylvie, (I-5, Western Adoulin)
Lhaiso Neftereh has fallen ill, perhaps because of the anomalies in the earth. Sylvie wants you to accompany her to the Order of Renaye residence in Eastern Adoulin to check up on Lhaiso.