Start NPC Malene - Bastok Markets (I-5)
Requirements Bastok Reputation 1
Items Needed Steam Clock
Title Granted Crab Crusher
Repeatable Yes
Reward 500g


  • Talk to Malene; a monster stole a parcel she was expecting and she asks you to find it for her. The problem is that monster who stole it is hiding near the lighthouse and won't come out. She mentions another adventurer named Dalzakk who might know how to lure the monster out. Dalzakk lives in a house on Kulatz Bridge.
  • (Optional) Go to Dalzakk's house, he isn't home so talk to Gwill. Gwill gives you the hint about the monster, put a Quus behind the lighthouse.
  • Obtain a Quus.
  • Find the ??? behind the lighthouse at M-10 in South Gustaberg and trade the Quus to it. You may have to wait a bit for the monster (Bubbly Bernie) to appear.
  • Kill Bubbly Bernie to obtain a Steam Clock.
The monster is soloable by any job over level ~10.
  • Trade the clock to Malene to complete the quest.
If you have a Steam Clock in your inventory Bubbly Bernie will not drop another. You must trade the one you have to Malene before attempting for another.

Game Description

Malene (House, Bastok Markets)
A monster that appears near the lighthouse in South Gustaberg has stolen a package addressed to Malene. Ask the adventurer Dalzakk how to lure the beast out, and recover the item.