Mission Name The Chamber of Oracles
Number ZM7
Title Granted Lightweaver
Items Needed KeyItemFire Fragment
KeyItemEarth Fragment
KeyItemWater Fragment
KeyItemWind Fragment
KeyItemIce Fragment
KeyItemLightning Fragment
KeyItemLight Fragment
Reward KeyItemPrismatic Fragment
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Through the Quicksand Caves Return to Delkfutt's Tower


  • After winning the battle for Through the Quicksand Caves, you are put in a room with a large device.
  • Touch all 8 parts of this device to insert your shards from Headstone Pilgrimage.
  • After all shards are inserted, you receive a cutscene.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The Chamber of Oracles is said to be located in the deepest area of the Quicksand Caves.
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