Mission Name The Call of the Wyrmking
Number PM3-1
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Ancient Vows A Vessel Without a Captain

South Gustaberg



  • After defeating the three Mammets, you will appear in South Gustaberg.
  • Head to Port Bastok (Home Point #3) and approach the exterior of the Departures Entrance to the Air Travel Agency at F-7Bastok-port.png to receive a cutscene.
    • Please note that when attempting to "approach the exterior door" the cut scene may not activate the first couple of tries, you may have to zone and come back to get it to launch. Please also note that you don't have to pay for a flight either. It should be as simple as walking up to the front door.
  • Then go to the Metalworks and talk to Cid (H-8Metalworks.png).

Game Description

Mission Orders
Not moments after arriving in Bastok, Prishe begins her search for the father of airships, Cid.
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