Mission Name The Brewing Storm
Number 3-2-1
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Darkness Beckons The River Runs Red
Replay Cutscenes


  • Click on the Etched Rock at (K-9) to receive a cutscene.
  • Defeat 3 Perfervid Narakas that spawn near the Etched Rock at (K-9) during the hours of 20:00-4:00.
    • The enemies are several levels above level 120 when you check their strength, but once engaged during this quest they lower in level to Easy Prey. They are from the strong Naraka family.
      • They are level ~125 prior to engaging, level ~107 once pulled with a party member on this quest.
    • You cannot zone before killing all three or the counter will reset.
    • The door doesn't track your progress; it always says you must defeat three when you examine the door.
    • Note: on 03/14/21 time ran out at 0400 and I'd only killed 2 Narkuuls. I logged off by the Etched Rock and came bak about 2100 the same V. Day. The counter did not reset as expected. I killed one of what I thought would be 3 Narkuuls needed and the battle was normal. But then I killed a second one and the Rhapsody in Mauve did not reset its level downward and it was a tough fight. Having killed 2 previously counted and clicking on the Etched Rock completed the Mission. So I did not need 3 more after logging. Just the one I was lacking. It's a good idea to not kill more than 3.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The ambassador's plan is more sinister than imagined. He infused your soul with darkness in an attempt to hinder you. Yet you have been left with a tiny song of hope--what could it mean?