Start NPC Deraquien (A) - Abyssea - Vunkerl (Base Camp)
Requirements Fame 1
Items Needed Key ItemPocket supply pack or
Key ItemStandard supply pack or
Key ItemHefty supply pack
Key ItemLetter of receipt
Repeatable Yes
Reward Varying amount of Cruor, Resistance Credits and possibly one of the following:

Ravager's Seal: Feet (WAR) (???%)
Caller's Seal: Feet (SMN) (???%)
Charis Seal: Feet (DNC) (???%)
Savant's Seal: Feet (SCH) (???%)
Any of the above (???%)


Ironclad Executioner is directly in the path for this quest. This is not a safe or fast method for building fame.

Methods to Increase Movement Speed for this Quest

Methods that do not increase movement speed for this quest

These methods do work if you die during quest and Reraise.

Game Description

Deraquien (A)
Supplies must be delivered on foot to the newly constructed outpost, and the sluggardly Deraquien is clearly not up to the task. Go in his stead and deliver the goods to Captain Elmemague.
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