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[[Bolter's Roll]] also increases movement speed.
==Game Description==
==Game Description==

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Start NPC Deraquien (A) - Abyssea - Vunkerl (Base Camp)
Repeatable Yes
Reward Varying amount of Cruor, Resistance Credits and possibly one of the following:
Ravager Seal: Feet
Caller's Seal: Feet
Charis Seal: Feet
Savant's Seal: Feet


You cannot use Veridical Confluxes to get there.

You can die or Mijin Gakure and reraise to remove weight effect.

  • Even if you disconnect or change areas after delivering the goods, you will still lose the completion key item. Recommended that you drop it off at the starting NPC ASAP

Increasing Movement

  • [Brd/Nin]: Been using Chocobo Mazurka song to help me increase my speed when doing the hafty bag supply quest. Having speed movement gear along with Chocobo Mazurka works even better giving it more of a boost. Dnc's speed movement jig may work (haven't tried it). Flee wont work. Speed movement gear wont work unless with songs. Raptor Mazurka wont work.


Bolter's Roll also increases movement speed.

Game Description

Deraquien (A)
Supplies must be delivered on foot to the newly constructed outpost, and the sluggardly Deraquien is clearly not up to the task. Go in his stead and deliver the goods to Captain Elmemague.
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